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Learn frequently to practice hard, 10 years of one sword -- Dai Yuerong of Chine
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So, english study of the foundation needs long effort really, as dry as a chip it is to need the phase of classics, but master truly when you, you can discover English study is very relaxed. And the accumulation that underlying idea also needs time, attend a few societies to carry out an activity more, eye shot was widened, train of thought also was widened.
Lunar Chengdu feels he is a person that lacks self-confident heart quite, be informed after entering intermediary heat, because insufficient and confidence is very nervous, directive teacher Wu Min revive everyday she practices for company, before the big spectacles of corridor of the acerb ask a question of younger sister of division of the junior fellow apprentice on classroom, office building, dining room, almost the figure that every corner of the school has Mr. Wu to helping an exercise. This stands appear on the stage, lunar Chengdu becomes self-confident. Experience in the talk get her the portion is then sturdy in the heart with appreciate, bless her to be in next better result is obtained in the match.
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