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Write down " CCTV Cup " Wang Lian of first prize gainer this
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About the match, I feel this is a contest not only all the time, the opportunity that grows however. The intermediary heat in the province is mixed in the process of the assemble for training that teachs outside intermediary heat hind, I realise language itself is in after reaching certain level, the most important is content. If if say me,having the recipe that what speech match wins victory so, it is two words, innovate. If you speak out, must mix someone else is different, want to have oneself distinctive idea, not certain and impromptu speech should be divided immediately.

Finally I think pair of all English learner, include me inside to say: Want to learn English, cast everything to be mixed flightily utilitarian heart. English is our friend, wanting to make money and apply for a job with the friend, wanting to love a friend however. And when we begin to fall in love with her from the bottom of the heart, her meeting gives us generously same love.

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