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Because the calm succeeds so -- visit CCTV English made a speech 2007 Zhang Heng
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Zhang Heng, harbin project university builds an institute 2004 class student, obtained Heilongjiang to save contest of CCTV English speech 2005 second-class award, won award of special grade of contest of countrywide undergraduate English 2006, obtained Heilongjiang to save first prize of contest of CCTV English speech 2007.
Zhang Heng sees first, be affected by his lovely smile and exaggerated gesticulation place. In playing the game countless times like him same, giving a person the deepest impression is ——— calm.
Perhaps be by too much aureola around move, everybody forgot quickly: Zhang Heng is a common undergraduate only, he also is having the ordinary life of Everyman.
Display one's talent for the first time
Love plays love to be troubled by like the Zhang Heng of childhood and other child. His grandmother ever was the teacher of Nanjing medical university, having special glow to English, want her to see small Zhang Heng only, can teach him a few simple English words. “ mom, let grandmother do not tell English to me good? ” just began to go up the Zhang Heng of elementary school also thinks and are more time have funs like other children, be in however of grandmother insist to fall again and again, small Zhang Heng can very reluctantly give up what one favours. The reason that because of grandmother Zhang Heng and English knot left to indissoluble, zhang Heng also very try to make a good showing, elementary school became English class representing when 5 grade, still read aloud the bear the palm in the match in English. The effort of the sweat of every little bit, one second allows display one's talent for the first time of small Zhang Heng.
Struggle as before
In the graduation photograph that “ looks at high school oneself, contrast with me present, did not change unexpectedly. ” Zhang Heng is written in rich guest. Did not change to moving the love that overflow, did not change to English love! His footstep is more sturdy and clear. Attend Heilongjiang to save contest of CCTV English speech greatly, although do not have the place, but he is certain life value system struggles now in, then he is advancing; Big 2 attend Heilongjiang to save contest of CCTV English speech to obtain second-class award, with attend just miss the opportunity of national level match, his calm is faced; Big 3 attend contest of countrywide undergraduate English to obtain first prize. Say everything just begins however. In English blue sea, the sail of high raise is to struggle as before however!
Carry the lamp to prepare for war
GRE and elegant the in pairs that think of is envied through making a person unceasingly, however the instant that exclaim flower opens, we more forget these ray backside to emerge hard the hardships that moving. His success is not accomplished in one move, however one pace tread out comes. He also can carry light dark to read, all night fight hard.
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