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Computer software protects byelaw
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Regulations For The Protection Of Computer Software

General principles of the first chapter

Chapter I General Provisions

The first is copyright of protective computer software the person's rights and interests, adjust computer software to concern in development, transmission and the profit that in using, produce, the development that encourages computer software and current, stimulative computer uses the development of the career, according to " copyright of People's Republic of China law " regulation, enact this ordinance.

Article1. In Order To Protect The Rights And Interests Of Creators Of Computer Software, to Adjust The Relationships Of Interest During The Development, dissemination And Use Of Computer Software, to Encourage The Development And Circulation Of Computer Software, and To Promote The Development Of Computer Applications These Regulations Are Enacted In Accordance With The Provisions Of The Copyright Law Of The People's Republic Of China.

The computer software that this the 2nd byelaw place weighs (abbreviation software, similarly hereinafter) it is to show computer program reachs his to concern documentation.

Article2. For The Purposes Of These Regulations Computer Software (hereinafter Referred To As Software) Refers To Computer Programs And Related Documentation.

This the 3rd byelaw is following the meaning of diction is:

Article3. Meanings Of The Following Words Used In These Regulations Are:

(one) computer program: Show the to get some kind of result code that can wait for the unit that has information processing capacity to carry out by the computer converts instruction series, the symbolism instruction alignment that perhaps can be changed automatically into code to convert instruction series or symbolism statement alignment.

(1) Computer Programs: Refers To Coded Instructional Sequences-or Those Symbol Ic Instructional Sequences O`r Numeric Language Sequences Which Can Be Automatically Converted Into Coded Instructional Sequences-which Are For The Purpose Of Obtaining A Certain Result And Which Are.

Computer program includes source program and object program. The source text of same process and target text ought to identification work.

Computer Programs Include Source Code Programs And Object Code Programs. The Source Code Text Of A Piece Of Software And Its Object Code Text Should Be Seen As One Work.

(2) documentation: Point to with natural language or the literal data that formalization insitute of language compiles and chart, state of affairs of norms of the content that uses descriptive program, composition, design, function, development, test reachs use method as a result, be like programming manual of manual, flow chart, user.

(2) Documentation: Refers To Written Materials And Diagrams, using Natural Language O`r Formal Language, which Are Used To Describe The Contents, organization, design, functions And Specifications, development Circumstances, testing Results And Method Of Use Of The Program, for Example: Program Design Explanations, flow Ch`arts, user Manuals, etc.
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