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Advertisement regulation
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Regulations On Control Of Advertisement

The first manages to strengthen advertisement, promote the development of advertisement career, significant favourable geographical position constructs a service for socialism with ad agency, enact this ordinance.

Article 1. These Regulations Are Formulated For The Purpose Of Strengthening The Administration Of Advertisement, promoting The Development Of Advertisement Undertakings And Utilizing Advertisement As An Effective Medium To Serve Socialist Construction.

The 2nd every passes the agency such as the press, broadcast, TV, film, guidepost, shopwindow, presswork, neon lamp or form, sow in print of churchyard of People's Republic of China, advertisement of setting, paste, all belong to this rules management limits.

Article 2. These Regulations Shall Apply To Any Advertisements Published, broadcast, installed O`r Posted In The People's Republic Of China Through Such Media O`r In Such Forms As The Press, broadcasting, television, films, street Nameplates, shop Windows, printed Matters, neon Lights, etc.

Content of the 3rd advertisement must true, healthy, clear, clear, must not cheat user and customer with any forms.

Article 3. The Content Of An Advertisement Must Be True To Facts, sound, clear And Easy To Understand And Must Not Cheat Users And Consumers In Any Way.

The 4th is in ad management activity, prohibit forestall and unfair competition behavior.

ARticle 4. Monopoly And Unfair Competition Shall Be Prohibited In Advertising Operations.

Office of the 5th advertising government is a country mechanism of industrial and commercial administration and place are various and industrial and commercial administration mechanism.

Article 5. The Administrative Organs Controlling Advertisements Shall Be The State Administration For Industry And Commerce And Local Administrative Departments For Industry And Commerce At Various Levels.

The unit of business of the 6th management ad and individual and industrial and commercial door () of operator of advertisement of the following abbreviation, ought to mix according to this byelaw the regulation of concerned code, to industrial and commercial administration mechanism applies for, respectively the circumstance deals with examine and approve the formalities that register:

Article 6. Units And Self-employed Industrialists O`r Businessmen Wishing To Engage In Advertising Businesses (hereinafter Referred To As Advertising Operators) Shall Submit Applications To Administrative Departments For Industry And Commerce In Accordance With Thes, according To Different Circumstances, such Formalities As Examination, approval O`r Registration:

(One) the enterprise that specializes in advertising Wu, send " legal entity business charter " ;

(1) For Enterprises Specializing In Advertising Business, business Licences For Enterprises As Legal Persons Shall Be Issued;
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