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Language of name of word of Chinese ancient poetry is translated
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Sage and everybody are the same as desire. —— " Zun Chuancheng is fair 6 years "

The Desire Of A Sage Is The Same As That Of The Multitude.

Much travel is inurbane, reach oneself surely also. —— " Zun Chuanxiang is fair 4 years "

He Who Frequently Breaks The Rules Of Ceremonies Will Surely Bring About Harm To Himself.

Gentleman is handed in not flatter, hand in below do not show disrespect or contempt. —— " below Zhouyi copulative "

A Gentleman Neither Fawns On Those Who Are Superior To Him, nor Slights Those Who Are Inferior.

Internal strife, outside drive its Wu. —— " · of The Book of Songs is small elegant · Chinese bush cherry "

Brothers, though Quareling At Home, should Fight Together Against The Insult From Outside.

2 people are homocentric, its benefit breaks gold. —— " on Zhouyi · copulative "

When Two Men Are One In Heart, they Will Get Such A Strength That Metal Can Be Easily Cut.

On house and not arrogant, falling and not care. —— " Zhouyi · classical Chinese "

No Complacence When Ranked High; No Anxiety When Low.

Had known to call wisdom, mend one's ways calling brave, had not had those who call benevolence. —— " Chen Que collect "

Wisdom Means To Find Out One’s Own Mistakes. Courage Means The Correction Of Those Means To Make No Mistakes.

Check erroneous ideas at the outset and ban Yu Weiran. —— " yuan history · Zhang Zhen is passed "

Evils Should Be Prevented Before They Are Fully Developed.

Life since ancient times who is had dead, leave historical records of understand without being told extraction pellet or powder. —— Wen Tianxiang " cross 0 man to silver coin "

Since Death Is Unavoidable To Everyone Throughout History, what One Should Strive For Is A Loyal Heart, gloriously Recorded In The Historic Books.

Relative of care of poor and lowly, commonplace jade female at becoming also. —— " cheating · male say "

Poverty, humbleness, depression And Woe All Greatly Help A Man To Achieve Great Success.

Weak criterion desire the heart is smooth, mix an impetuous heart commentate. —— Zhou Duiyi " almanac · is happy go up "

Nonchalance Calms Down The Desires And Peace Expels Impetuously.

Water can carry a boat, can Fu boat.

The Water That Bears The Boat Is The Same That Swallows It Up.

Spring silkworm just is used up to dead silk, candle fire becomes grey tear only then dry. Concealed of —— Li Shang " no title "
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