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Contract of patent technology license
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The autograph restricts time: ____________

The autograph arranges a place: ____________

Contract number: ____________

Chinese ________ (“ of the following abbreviation accepts square ” ) for one party, _______ country ________ company (“ of the following abbreviation permits square ” ) for other one party:

In view of; of the person that allow the patent hold that just is ______________ technology

Just have right in view of the license, and also agree with the sale of the access __________ patent technology, production authority and product counterpoise accredit is accepted square;

In view of accept square hope to use a license to square patent technology is made and sell a product;

Bilateral accredit delegate is passed friendly talk things over, agree to sign this contract with respect to the following clause.

The first is defined

” of 1.1 “ patent technology is to point to this contract accessory one in lists technology, this technology already at _____ year approval of Patent Office of China of classics of day of _____ month ____ , won patent, its patent number is ___________ .

1.2 “ permits square ” is to point to _______ country _______________ company, or the legal person delegate of this company, representative and belongings successor.

1.3 “ accepts square ” is to point to Chinese ________ company, or the legal person delegate of this company, representative and belongings successor.

” of product of 1.4 “ contract is to point to contract accessory 2 in lists product.

” of factory of 1.5 “ contract is the factory that points to manufacturing contract product, this factory visits ______ town in _____ , be called ______ factory.

” of 1.6 “ net sale price is to show the sale bill value of contract product deducts the remaining sum after the charge such as cost of discount of the cost that pack, traffic expense, insurance premium, commission, commerce, tax, bought-in component.

” of 1.7 “ patent data is to point to this contract accessory one in arranges concerned data.

” of day of become effective of 1.8 “ contract is the approval date of the final one party that points to authority concerned of this contract both sides.

Limits of the 2nd contract

2.1 accept just agree to just be obtained from the license, the license just accepts the design that just awards a contract the product, right that make and sells with intent. The name of contract product, model, norms and technical parameter detailed see contract accessory 2.

2.2 licenses just award accept just make contract product in Chinese design, use, sale and the permissive authority that export contract product, monopolistic of dispute of this kind of right, it is the right that cannot transfer.
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