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Wang Wei weighs 3 translation of Yang Shi
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After the section that weigh this world, zhuhai of be a guest, flow even press, be fond of the book that win number. Get Wang Wei " recalled Shandong brother on September 9 " additionally 3 translation of the poem. Fill ascend Yu Ci, as a way of is admired in all.

Wang Baotong's translation (Shanghai world pursues 2005 edition " Wang Weishi 100 (Chinese-English contrasts plan text version) "

On Double Ninth Day Thinking Of My Brothers At Home

A Lonely Stranger In A Strange Land I’m Cast,
Sore Sick For My Dears On Every Festive Day.
By Now My Brothers Must Some Heights Have Passed,
But A Cornel Wearer Missing’ll Damp The Play.

Tang Yihe's translation (Tianjin people press 2005 edition " Ying Yitang poem 300 " )

Reminiscent Of My Brothers In Puzhou To The East Of Huashan
On The Double Ninth Festival
Being A Stranger Alone In A Strange Land,
I Miss My Dear Ones On Every Happy Festival With A Heavy Mind.
I Know From Afar The Heights Where My Brothers Have Ascended
With Dogwoods On Their Heads But Without Me Accompanied.

The translation of Mr Chen Chinese hackberrya (Shanghai university press 2005 edition " Chinese-English contrasts Tang poetry a poem of four lines 150 " )

Thinking Of My Brothers In ShandongOn The Double Ninth Festival

A Stranger In A Strange Land On Each Holiday
I Think Of My Kinsmen With A Double Care.
I Know When My Brothers Wear Medicine Bags
At The Heights, they Would Find One To Spare.

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