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Airliner " adventure " write down-----[new York guest]
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To me baggage is additional collect fees early what be new issue, the note also was ordered any better year. Golf staff does not include in the accessary property that allows to take for instance, it is good to carton should use twine or seal box area to plunge into put orderly. Pass a little while, bale the baggage that engine room should take on the belt. You we meet the baggage that any carrying to keep for you, you are replaced after next planes resumptive. If stream swarms into segregation area, arrived even by the side of side passageway, next cockle my uniform; Who perhaps does not agree to pass my examination mouth one by one well, squeeze the team shift that gets routine checkup. Step can be taken on my horse so, dominate time, limit the number that carry. The service is expended every time 50 dollars, excuse me does not search 0. Hit this, without giving thought to which baggage, always above had labelled with crude black form of a written or printed character of your name and home address, I can ask you collect fees, a case 50 dollars.

Previously into pass an inspection, we are weight of range estimation baggage. Begin you to must pull baggage now scale passes on the balance. Before board the plane, you accept single censoring even, ensure you are frank and law-abiding in plane travel process, provoking my word, be careful I want to get angry. If your whole body cannot pass our diametical tester smoothly, so I am sorry you should buy a piece of ticket again, sit next inter. Still have, assure to had provided your base, maintain at any time and the condition of approach; Tying me, also do not imagine the place that through on the plane one windy perpendicular dot still grabs me. Once discover, collect fees 50 dollars.

In our airliner, in whole flight process, before the goggle at that does not allow stiff of your blink eye. If did not take any reading matter, we offer you, fix a price 50 dollars. Unless the plane lands to perhaps can look without reader temporarily, otherwise you must not browse the magazine in seat bag or duty-free catalog. You are not OK hum the mutter to oneself that melody perhaps has any forms. You if aboard employs number alone, must prove to me you know number of channels to every are in namely alone in 9 palace case every have a distinctive number, what to unless you had considered,fill to go in otherwise 9 palace number does not have a law to be done alone. You should prove I am satisfactory, clear? Not clear? Good, collect fees 50 dollars.

See any movies, no matter the DVD player that what engine room system puts still is yourself belt is put, what cannot laugh is too loud, discovery collects fees 50 dollars. For what look clearer and call me to put out read the lamp, collect fees every time likewise 50 dollars.

If you and your spouse dress is consistent, or you put a passport with the thing that is circled on the neck; Or is you buy new shoe designedly when get on a plane to be worn again, begin to show off next (walk back and forth ceaselessly for instance, chat as not close from you person with those) install thereafter what seem to travel together with a flock of people like you is same. If afore-mentioned circumstances happen, to you collection service expends 50 dollars.
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