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The interpreter of daily thing
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The interpreter encounters one of difficulty on constantly, see a few vocabularies that concern with nonlocal life namely, for example the style of certain alimental name, dress, and the form of abode, because translator never has been contacted personally, be forced by oneself already conception of some classics all through the ages conclude, or else appeals like that at the dictionary, regrettablly the explanation with listed dictionary, a lot of moment are out of line with real life, and often expatiatory encumbrance, in doing not have a law to cover translation at all, go.
Hong Kong student sees one word of Building, can think of “ building ” immediately, or “ edifice ” , because of here everywhere high-rise is bristly, forgot Building also can be covered an area of it seems that very wide, sidelong develops. One word of Condominium, saying on the dictionary is the ” of an apartment room that “ takes up by the individual, be in the beauty at present actually, add each district, condominium of build of increasing construction business, the similar of “ edifice ” of formally and Hong Kong, the unit that does a building to be divided into a lot of independence rents or sell, live after the guest is entered, can occupy one party each already, independent family status, can absolve cold winter to sweep snow, midsummer to cut female pain again, everything is managed by the pubic, efficient.
In the beautiful, residence that add, idealer is the House of a single isolated house of course, average person works conscientiously, the target of live frugally, it is Buy A House, this is accumulated hard with Hong Kong person go “ offers ” of a building same. Capacity of some people economy is insufficient, can buy the house of style of a Semidetached so only, more someone goes buying Tomn-house. Former it is to point to what “ a side and his house are linked together, the room of ” of half independent type, this kind of house, in feet earth the Hong Kong of very little gold, had been exalted residence, be like the foreign room of garden of peace and happiness; But be in ground wide person's rare Canada, what cannot calculate. Our interpreter rises the ” room that says “ a side and his house are linked together, disrelish too long, say “ becomes independent partly the ” house of type, criterion the meaning is unidentified.
The question of Townhouse is bigger, the explanation on the dictionary is “ (point to the person that basically live in country especially) ” of the abode inside city, this explanation is already malapropos. The Townhouse that indicates in Canada at present, than Semidetached further, this kind of house, not only “ a side and his house are linked together ” , and ” of “ other a side also is linked together with his house, be a platoon is cheap the residence, somebody calls “ to discharge house ” .
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