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Lin Yutang interpret " float is unripe 6 write down " roll one
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" float is unripe 6 write down " roll one

(clear) Shen Fu

Boudoir is written down happy

Survive Qianlong the last of the ten Heavenly Stems not 20 have the winter 2 days in November, be worth millennium, and the bank of booth of billow of household Suzhou dark blue in clothes and hat. My it may be said reachs Tian Zhihou, slope cloud thing is like spring dream east without mark, what the writing that careless does not write down has Gu Bicang rather is thick. Because think of coronal closing Ju first 300, reason lists a husband and wife at first, more than in proper order is given reach Yan. Be deprived of education of place ashamed girl, know a bit without, write down nevertheless actually thing just, if need examine and correct its are grammatical be duty bright at dirty ancient bronze mirror.

Lin Yutang interpret:

Six Chapters Of A Floating Life

Chapter One: Wedded Bliss

I Was Born In 1763, under The Reign Of Chienlong, day Of The Eleventh Moon of   of On The Twenty-second. The Country Was Then In The Heyday Of Peace And, moreover, I Was In A Scholars' Family, living By The Side Of The Canglang Pavilion In Suzhou. So Altogether I May Say The Gods Have Been Unusually Kind To Me. Su Donpo Said, "Life Is Like A Spring Dream Which Vanished Without A Trace. "Life Is Like A Spring Dream Which Vanished Without A Trace.. I Should Be Ungrateful To The Gods If I Did Not Try To Put My Life Down On Record. Since The Book Of Poems Begins With A Poem On Wedded Love, I Thought I Would Begin This Book By Speaking Of My Marital Relations And Then Let Other Matters Follow. My Only Regret Is That I Was Not Properly Educated In Childhood; All I Know Is A Simple Language And I Shall Try Only To Record The Real Facts And Real Sentiments. I Hope The Reader Will Be Kind Enough Not To Scrutinize My Grammar, which Would Be Like Looking For Brilliance In A Tarnished Mirror.

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