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Futures trades vocabulary of English of commonly used term
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Price of Settlement Price settle accounts: By receive market price the price of the decision, the profit that is used at account of computational option market and deficit, invoice price that increases bail and complete a business transaction
Short nominal: Not of settle accounts sell a futures position. “ does nominal ” to begin to trade through selling a futures contract namely. The word that answers relatively to it is Long
Short Hedge sells piece set period keep a cost
Short Selling oversell: Through selling a futures contract establish position of a market
Short Squeeze squeeze the shorts, force empty: Because market in short supply forces the case that the price rises
Speculate spec: Willing assume risk of price wave motion with seek risk profit fry buy fry sell behavior
Speculator adventurer
Spot merchandise on hand
Month of Spot Month merchandise on hand: What quote to current futures is the earliest can the month of complete a business transaction
Spread price is poor: The occasional of two relevant markets is relevant the price difference between commodity
Spreading covers period plan to make money: At the same time average and all sorts of kind covering interest that sell a relevant futures contract to need profit in order to get price
Squeeze price squashs: Force the pressure of the date of other of price prep above of date of some specific complete a business transaction
Stockist keeps the trader that goods prepares to sell
Stop-Loss Order stops caustic instruction: One kind achieves some when market price case the average when specific standard or sell the statement that give
Straddle is covered period plan to make money
Strike Price (Exercise Price) strike calm division (honor the agreement valence) : The price of the relevant futures commodity of bilateral agreement in period power agreement
Switching (1) change a library: LME, the metal of a storehouse changes another storehouse; (2) turn month: Turn by contract of a futures for another futures contract

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