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Futures trades vocabulary of English of commonly used term
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Offer bargainor bids
Official Prices official price: By LME quote committee (Quotations Committee) put forward, every trade day of 13:10 announce merchandise on hand, mixed in March the official price of 15 months of futures
Omnibus Account comprehensive account: Be in abroad, company of manager of first phase money and the account that another broker companies use jointly, trade to mix with the name of former broker use
One Cancels Other (O.C.O. ) be not this namely those order: Trade by what two order are united in wedlock instruction, contain one add statement among them, cancel another order namely after an order is carried out
Open Contracts did not make the same score a storehouse agreement: Already contract of futures of buying and selling but did not undertake is opposite developing processing or objective complete a business transaction
Open Interest (Op Int) empty dish of quantity, not smooth storehouse is measured, not settle rights and interests: Some kind of commodity that trades on option market have not settle (right strong or complete a business transaction) amount of all futures contract
Order for goods of Open Order mouth (with Good Till Cancelled Order)
Open Outcry calls value publicly
Open Position is empty dish of place: Have not the position of futures contract market of settle
Opening, the reopen after a cessation of business
Opening Price drives market price, open quotation price
Price of Opening Range reopen after a cessation of business: Hind of reopen after a cessation of business trades the first times the limits of transaction value wave motion when finishing
Option period authority, futures contract option: Gift purchaser presses agreement price inside the period of efficacy that the agreement sets (basic value or knock a price, honor the agreement valence) the option power that buy or sells a certain amount goods
Committee of Options Committee period authority
Out-of-the-Money does not have benefit value: When first phase authority does not have embedded value currently, become for example bullish of period authority honor the agreement the settle accounts price that valence prep above announces currently or become what period of be expected to fall counterpoises to honor the agreement valence under price of current close an account when, say not to have benefit value
Out-of-the-money Option empty is worth period authority: Do not have the period right of connotation value, corresponding is real value period authority P&S (Purchase And Sale Statement) trade detailed list: After broker behavior client drops the market position that builds formerly to rushing, the detailed list of change of forehead of net profit and loss of classified items of an account that submits a client

Physical merchandise on hand
Position trades place, cash: To the acceptance of the market, did not undertake is opposite rushing handling namely buy or sell futures contract the amount. To average person, say to be in bull place (Long) ; To selling the person that go out, say to be in nominal place (Short)
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