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Futures trades vocabulary of English of commonly used term
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Late Night Trading (Lates) evening performance trades: From afternoon field is curbstone the end shuts city to market of relevant United States, LME is informal trade time
Lending borrows: Expand through selling a close futures to fill at the same time into long-dated goods bull place
Limit stops board limitation
Limit Up harden board
Limit Down drops stop board
Limit Order price fixing dictates
Liquid fluidity: Futures is bought, sell as brisk as what trade to rushing rate and clinch a deal the size of the quantity. Trade the amount is large and do not cause the price acuteness wave motion, it is fluidity namely big
Market of Liquid Market fluidity: The market that buying and selling all can achieve more easily
Liquidate makes the same score a storehouse, to rushing: Through average (or sell piece) the contract of same commodity futures of month of identical complete a business transaction comes finish already sold before piece (or average) futures contract, or expire close, make goods of merchandise on hand
Bourse of LME London metal
Long bull, buy empty: ” of “ bull the market begins to trade to pass average futures contract namely; Or it is average over sell piece
Money market of Long Position bull, bull place: Not the average futures position of settle accounts
Lot approves: A batch of ” are in “ LME often calls “ one Zhang Cang odd ” , “ a piece of agreement”

Major Currency makes value money
Margin bail
Margin Call increases security demand, increase bail announcement
Mark To The Market is empty dish evaluate: With current market price (that day settle accounts price) be opposite for the foundation have not the sky of settle accounts dish place is evaluated, computation profit and loss of its Zhang face, whether to want in order to decide to increase cash deposit
Order of Market Order market price: By the market optimal at that time value or market price are bought instantly or sell a certain quantity of the instruction of futures contract
Market If Touched (M.I.T. ) touch valence to become market price order form: The price achieves prep above (under) the certain level of current market price sells namely piece (average) instruction
Time of Matching Period corresponding settle accounts paragraph
System of Matching System corresponding settle accounts
Maximum Price Fluctuation is the biggest price amplitude: The maximum that can fluctuate up and down in price of a contract in trading
Merchant trafficker
Minimum Price Fluctuation is the smallest price amplitude

Price of Nominal Price name: To the estimation price of date of month of a futures, have when this date this price is appointed to be closing quotation price when having city all right. When over-the-counter trading is in similar case, also regard current price as index with this price
Notice Day notifies day: Easy place sets, the person that should prepare the hold of contract of futures of complete a business transaction to expiring this month gives out complete a business transaction the date of written announcement
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