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Futures trades vocabulary of English of commonly used term
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Equity fund net value: Press after market price is liquidated at that time, futures trades net value of fund of account the rest
Evening Up is right strong: Through buy or selling existing to rushing market position
Incident of break a contact of Event Of Default
Contract of Exchange Contract exchange: Trade the agreement that both sides is settle accounts member
Exchange Option bourse period authority: The period authority that period power business just is settle accounts member trades
Exercise is carried out, honor the agreement: Inside period authority period of efficacy, period authority purchaser announces to will execute its influence to press honor the agreement valence average or sell a futures contract
Expiration Date maturity: The date that period authority buyer may carry out period right right or last days
Exchanger bourse

Fill implements price
Fill-or-Kill Order clinchs a deal or cancel to dictate: Point to to after bidding 3 times, did not clinch a deal to cancel instantly commonly
First Notice Day day of the first announcement: Agree to fulfil futures contract with complete a business transaction of commodity of merchandise on hand, the first day when issue an announcement
Floor Broker floor broker
Floor Trader (call Local again) trade inside field person: The account that is oneself only normally (or by its pilot) the person that do business
Force Majeure force majeure: There is this clause in the agreement of LME, when encountering force majeure, LME amortize
Forward long-dated goods, futures
FSA England finance runs bill: Passed 1986, amend at any time
Fundamental Analysis analyses a way basically: Undertake with theory of commodity supply and demand and information price analysis and forecast
Futures futures
Contract of Futures Contract futures: Trade in bourse via approval sign inside the hall, period of ground of commodity quality, complete a business transaction, complete a business transaction wait for what already all standardized to trade contracted
Agent of futures of Futures Commission Merchant

G.O.B. (Good Ordinary Brand) high grade class: LME is used, convert now “ advanced ” (High Grade) replace
Good Till Cancelled Order (G.T.C. ) unless the client cancels, otherwise significant all the time order
Granter transferrer: The bargainor of period authority

Hedge, hedging covers period keep a cost: Through the means of contract of futures of an as opposite as over-the-counter trading position is being obtained in option market, because price wave motion is right,avoid merchandise on hand is bought back and forth, sell the loss that cause, have the effect that is sure to economy
Hedger is covered period the person that keep a cost
Horizontal Spread level covers period plan to make money: In average bullish or while period of be expected to fall counterpoises, by honor the agreement identically valence but different maturity, sell those who give same type of merchandise period right
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