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Futures trades vocabulary of English of commonly used term
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Call Option is bullish period authority, delay buy period right: Allow purchaser to buy a kind of power that specifies futures contract by one specific base price. “ is bought when anticipating market price is bullish bullish period authority ” , if purchaser judges error, can abandon this buying power, risk loss just buys the insurance premium of period authority
Call Price is received calculate value
Canceling Order cancel dictates: The instruction of an instruction
Carrying borrow borrows: The floorboard that LEM borrows to borrow, the borrow that also states a kind of person that bring about borrow holds his some metallic merchandise on hand to stock LEM to register storehouse works
Charge of Carrying Charge storage: The retention fee that pays during commodity of hold merchandise on hand, insurance premium, loss, accrual
Cash pays now, merchandise on hand: LEM meaning is after by settle accounts price over-the-counter trading clinchs a deal the following day cash consign; Other exchange often points to over-the-counter trading
Borrow of loan of Cash & Carry: When futures premium, price of long-dated goods excessive often is opposite cost of the storage during this, safe, capital causes an effect. When the metal is superfluous, futures premium trend expands, because negotiant buys close futures to sell far futures institute,require financing cost low, make a bank leasehold charming
Commodity of Cash Commodity merchandise on hand
Complete a business transaction of Cash Today morrow: The date of complete a business transaction of agreement trades for the next when day
CFTC commodity futures trades committee: (of the United States) futures trades to be in charge of managing by office of Commodity Exchange of Ministry of Agriculture
Clear, clearance liquidation, settle accounts: To the capital close an account that futures contract has
Place of Clearing House settle accounts
Member of Clearing Member settle accounts: The member firm of settle accounts place, settle accounts member must be exchange member
Assistant of the manager inside Clerk field: Classics accredit can act as agent the duty of the floor broker
Client Contract entrusts a contract: The contract between member of settle accounts member and member of blame settle accounts, blame settle accounts and other negotiant
Client Option entrusts period authority: The either of period power business all just is not settle accounts member trade
Close receives city
Closing Range receives market price
COMEX (The New York Commodity Exchange) Comex
Commission commission
Commitment acceptance (or not settle rights and interests)
Commodities Exchange Center (CEC) new York commodity trades center: Bourse of commerce of Comex, new York (NYMEX) , the seat of bourse of bourse of new York cotton, coffee sugar cocoa
Commission House (Futures Commission House or Wire House) broker commercial firm does sth for sb row
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