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Spoken language of the most commonly used business affairs
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I want to know the investment climate of expensive country.

23I'd Like To Know Something About Your Foreign Trade Policy.
I think understanding concerns expensive country very much the policy of foreign trade.

24It Is Said That A New Policy Is Being Put Into Practice In Your Foreign Trade.
Allegedly you are implementing a kind of new foreign trade policy.

25Our Foreign Trade Policy Has Always Been Based On Equality And Mutual Benefit And Exchange Of Needed Goods.
Our foreign trade policy is a foundation with equal mutual benefit, each supplies what the other needs all along.

26We Have Adopted Much More Flexible Methods In Our Dealings.
We are much more agile on specific operation method.

27We Have Mainly Adopted Some Usual International Practices.
We basically took the traditional way on a few international.

28You Have Also Made Some Readjustment In Your Import And Export Business, have You? Your foreign trade also has a few to adjust, right?
129We Are Sure Both Of Us Have A Brighter Future.
We believe both sides has a bright perspective.

30How Would You Like To Proceed With The Negotiations?
Do you think how to should undertake negotiating this?

31Perhaps You've Heard Our Product's Name. Would You Like To Know More About It?
Perhaps you already had heard of the name of our product, do you want to know more a bit?

32Let Me Tell You About Our Product.
Let me explain to you about product be related.

33This Is Our Most Recently Developed Product.
This is the product that we develop recently.

34We'd Like To Recommend Our New Home Health Monitor.
We want to recommend our new domestic health monitor.

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