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Look cling to gold is how of Ying Yihan
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1. is textual: It Contained A Brilliant Account Of The Festivities And Of The Beautiful And Accomplished Mrs.Rawdon Crawley's Admirable Personifications.

Translation: This reports titbits of article depict banquet, appearance beauty is much the Luo Deng of ability. How acting of Mrs Kelaolai is conspicuous, say to get give an extravagantly colourful description.

Admire analyse: To Ying Yihan, two when translator needs to handle in expressive phase main problems are: Adjust structure and elaborate choice term. To the processing of these two problems stand or fall affects the quality of translation directly. See the interpret example above please: On the structure, the interpret after translator puts "brilliant" , and carry "of The Beautiful And Accomplished Mrs.Rawdon Crawley's Admirable Personifications" pre-treatment; Choosing a word to go up, "Account" interpret becomes “ titbits ” , can weighs precise and appropriate, "Brilliant" interpret is ” of “ give an extravagantly colourful description, accord with tendentiousness of former writer soulful, such processing, the quality of translation much taller.

2.Textual: I Hate People Who Talk About Themselves, as You Do, when One Wants To Talk About Oneself, as I Do.

Translation: I hate you this kind of person; Resemble me such, the family wants to tell obviously tell oneself, you however the thing that babble ground says you desperately. (Ba Jinyi)

Admire analyse: A “ was added between “ my ” and “ hate ” with respect to ” word, express to emphasize; Tell with “ tell him ” , is not “ tells him ” , repeat “ to say ” word, have colloquial color more; “ babble ” and “ desperately although ” is textual literal go up, it is textual meaning however in all, this is alleged “ adds a word not ” of with special care. Whole interpret sentence make the same score solid, style with the word plain, one is plant hard the beauty of explain in words.

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