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Make " natural " business affairs greets
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Making the introduction is more serious issue, bombastic be not admired.

The first time meet, use the protocol of handclasp commonly. Handclasp person binocular watch opposite party, smile, greeting, present one's compliment, do not see a third party or appear absent-minded. Outside holding the hand for a long time together besides the person that the relation is close to, it is to be grasped commonly can. Between fluctuation class, after superior stretchs his hand, inferior ability is received grasp; Between host and guest, master appropriate stretchs his hand actively; Between the men and women, after the woman stretchs her hand, man ability stretchs his hand to be grasped; Of course, if the man is better, the method that says before comply with.

Do not make oneself have the look that be stared at closely or gazes at the other side, just be thought polite. When talking with the person, do not point to a person with finger, unfavorable leave with the other side too far or too close. Not too excited, overmuch gesticulation can be thought inadvisable.

To the lady garment act the role ofing can give praise, but do not ask the family is a flower what how many money buys wait for a problem.

Want to remember the full name of the other side and position well.

Undertake going down to make chat, can begin pure the talk that belongs to intercourse sex, wait like weather, this is in very multilateral home is feasible.

Want to introduce each person that be present. Besides introductory name, provide a few individual setting cases, conduce to introductory both sides chatting further.

Each other are transmissive when normally unlike Chinese and Japanese are introducing Hesperian in that way calling card, they just use calling card in business affairs activity only normally.

Flower: In The Following Conversation, carol Jacobs Is A Senior Executive From A Corporate Head Office. She’s On A Business Trip To The Company’s Asia Division Office (joint Venture In Beijing) . David Li, the Vice-President In Charge Of Asian Operations, greets Her.
David: Good Morning, carol. It’s Great To See You Again.

Did You Have A Good Trip Over?

Carol: Yes, it Was A Good Flight. I Was A Little Tiredyesterday, but I’m OK Now.
David: Great! If You’re Ready, i’d Like To Introduce You To Some Of Our Key Personnel.

Carol: Let’s Go.

. . . . .

David: Carol, this Is Kathy Chen, our Financial Officer.
Kathy, i’d Like You To Meet Carol Jacobs.

Carol: I’m Pleased To Meet You, kathy. You’re Doing A Great Job. The Division’s Finances Are In Top Shape.

Kathy: Thank You, ms Jacobs. I’m Happy To Meet You, too.
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