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“ group the expression of ”
Audience: A Crowd Of Spectators
A flock of people: A Crowd Of People
A flock of people: A Throng Of People
A flock of filmgoer: A Throng Of Film Fans
A flock of schoolgirls: A Group Of Girl Students
A flock of spectator: A Group Of Onlookers
A flock of person that welcome: A Troop Of Welcomers
A flock of demonstrate person: A Troop Of Demonstrators
CROWD: Without the crowd with chaotic perhaps organization;
THRONG: Be squeezed numerously in one place or emerge ahead group;
GROUP: Have certain organization;
TROOP: In advancing normally group

A flock of talents: A Galaxy Of Talents
A flock of belles: A Galaxy Of Beauties
A flock of bandit: A Band Of Gangsters
A flock of cateran: A Gang Of Robbers
A flock of buildings: A Cluster Of Buildings
A flock of island: A Cluster Of Islands
GALAXY: Outstanding or well-known figure group;
BAND/GANG: Have be in apparently contemptuous colour, robber, bandit group (side, partner) ;
CLUSTER: Build up of the object group (bunch, caboodle) .

A flock of sheep: A Flock Of Sheep
A flock of duck: A Flock Of Ducks
A flock of oxen: A Herd Of Cattle
A flock of horses: A Herd Of Horses
A flock of jackal: A Pack Of Wolves
A flock of gundog: A Pack Of Hounds
A flock of monkeys: A Host Of Monkeys
A flock of bees: A Swarm Of Bees
FLOCK: Flyer fowl, domestic animals group, point to Yang Qun especially;
HERD: Of big animal group;
PACK: Beast, gundog group

(article origin: Old standard net)

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