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4, He Second Imperative Of Our Policy For Peace Is That We Must Meet Our Commitment And Keep Our Promises To Use Our Strength To Oppose Aggression.
The 2nd imperative of our peace policy, it is the obligation that we must use up us, defend our promise, exhaust can, revolt is aggressive (promise) .

5, Vietnam May Be A Bitter Hoax Or It May Be A Major Commitment In The Defense Of Freedom, but It Will Go Away Because We Yell "foul" ; It Will Not Fade Because We Blow Retreat.
Vietnam may be a kind of bitter joke, also may be a in defending freedom big tie down, it won't cry to be fed up with and go away because of us, also won't cry because of us golden withdraw troops and disappear (tie down)

6, The Report Said That New Commitments Of US$50.7 Million During Fiscal Year 1968 Raised Total Investments Of The International Finance Corporation In Private Enterprises In Its Member Countries To US$271.8 Million In 39 Countries.
The investment with new 1968 financial year plan have 50.7 million dollar, make international banking firm always invests in the private company of other member state, 39 countries amount to 271.8 million dollar in all (investment) .

7, The Japanese Have Faithfully Observed Their Commitments. Japanese trustily was abided by surrender condition (condition) .

Other: An All-around Commitment (comprehensive tie)To Give A Precipitate Commitment (give imprudent character is made an appointment with)

Safe a variety of: Accident Insurance: Accident insuranceAccident Death Insurance: Unexpected insurance against deathAccounts Receivable Insurance: Receivable is safeAdditional Insurance: Add protectAgricultural Insurance: Agriculture is safeAir Transport Insurance: Airborne and safeAir Transportation Cargo Insurance: Airfreight is safeAircraft Hull Insurance: Plane airframe is safeAircraft Passenger Insurance: Plane passenger is safeAll Risks Insurance: Be sure integratedlyAnnuity Insurance: Annuity is safeAutomobile Insurance: The car is safeAviation Insurance: Aviation insuranceAviation Liability Insurance: Aviation responsibility is safeAviation Personal Accident Insurance: Aviation person accident insuranceBad Debt Insurance: Bad debts is safeBaggage Insurance: Baggage is safeBailee's Customers Insurance: Depositary acting settle or live in a strange place is safeBasic Insurance: Be sure basicallyBlanket Insurance: Omnibus and safeBlock Insurance: Shipping is safeBoiler Explosion 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Insurance: Be sure above quotaExchange Risk Insurance: Foreign currency risk is safeExhibition Insurance: The exhibition is safeExpected Profit Insurance: Anticipate profit is safeExplosion Insurance: Explosion is safeExport Insurance: Exit is safe, output is safeExtended Terms Insurance: Delay is safeExternal Investment Principal Insurance: Abroad invests capital to be sureFacultative Insurance: Be sure temporarilyFamily Income Insurance: Domestic income is secureFarm Insurance: Agriculture is safeFermentation Insurance: Ferment safeFidelity Insurance: Worker loyalty is safeFire Insurance: Fire is safe, fire insuranceFiscal Insurance: Tax is safeFixed Term Insurance: Fixed insuranceFlood Insurance: The flood is safeForced Insurance: Compulsory insuranceForeign Exchange Fluctuation Insurance: Foreign currency wave motion is safeFraternal Insurance: Help each other relief insuranceFreight Insurance: Freight is safeFrost Insurance: Frost injury is safeFull Value Insurance: Total value is safeGeneral Average Disbursement Insurance: Collective average charge is safeGeneral Export Insurance: Average output is safeGovernment Employee Insurance: Official personnel is safeGroup Insurance: The organization is safeGroup Life Insurance: Organization person is safeGuarantee Insurance: Assure to be sure, steal accident insuranceHail Insurance: Hail kills insuranceHarvest Insurance: Results is safeHazardous Insurance: Dangerous article is safeHealth Insurance: Health is safeHire Purchase Credit Insurance: The credit insurance that rentHomeowner's Insurance: House-owner is safeHospitalization Insurance: Medical treatment is safeHull Insurance: Shipping is safe, carriage tool is safeHypothecation Insurance: Guaranty is safeImaginary Profit Insurance: Anticipate the interest is safeImmovable Insurance: Praedial insuranceInconvertibility Insurance: Foreign investment capital and profit is inconvertible collect redound upon dangerLong Life Insurance: Long life is safeStraight Life Insurance: Whole-life insuranceStrike Expenses Insurance: The strike increases charge insuranceSubsidiary Insurance: Accessary insuranceSupplementary Insurance: Increase insuranceSurvivorship Insurance: The combination of earning of the dead after returning in mutual belongings is safeTerm Insurance: Fixed insuranceTheft Insurance: Theft is safeTime Insurance: Fixed insuranceTime Hull Insurance: Shipping is sure regularlyTitle Insurance: Property right assures to be sureInsurance For Adult: The adult is safeInsurance For Medical Care: Medical treatment is safeInsurance Of Export-import Goods: Goods of imports and exports is safeInsurance Of Valuables: Valuable is safeInsurance Or Guarantee Of Private Loans: Personal loan is sure or assure
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