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English translates medium lexical differentiate and analyse
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That Book Is Mere Trash.

3, Rubbish: Range is wide, true trash. Also can express exclaim “Rubbish(bullshit! Also can express exclaim “Rubbish(bullshit!! ”
The Englishman often says: That Book Is All Rubbish.

4, kitchen ort: Kitchen Refuse or Refuse: This word makes waste material or trash is told, but point to solid trash commonly, do not point to the rubbish that can excrete.
5, the place to rubbish: A Dumping Ground; A Dumping-place For Rubbish; A Rubbish Dump.
6, Junk:   ⒎ holds ” of tattered goods of?ldquo; of dainty of Sha T  .
His Writing Is All Junk.
7, disabled person, society is fecal: Human Waste; Debris; Dregs Of Population; Off-scourings Of Humanity; Dross Of Mankind; Hobo
He Is Now A "has-been" (he is off-the-peg trash) = He Outlived His Usefulness.

Commitment interpret law:
Verbal Commit is in the dictionary meaning:
1, make, travel, make: Commit A Crime; Commit A Blunder; Commit Murder; Commit Suicide
2, entrust, Fu Zhu: Commit Some Funds To The Care Of Trustees(entrusts capital and custodial committee) ; Parliament of Commit A Bill(investigates committee member of second reading consign) ; Commit Thoughts To Writing(draws up idea come) ; ) of something of memorization of Commit Something To Memory(;
3, assume: If You Agreed To Give A Number Of Lectures, help To Pay Your Brother’s School Expenses, and Give $ 500 A Year For Clothes, you Have Quite A Lot Of Commitments.
4, (the meaning that manacles the body turns for) tie down, be immersed in, devote: Do Not Commit Yourself(is not restricted oneself tired) ; Commit Oneself To A Promise;

Exemple analyse:
1, In The Last Decade, however, we Have Sought To Fulfill The Goal With Greater Zeal, greater Commitment, and Greater Success Than At Any Period In Our History.
In going 10 years, we compare any period on the history do one's best more ardently, more devote to achieve this goal successfully (devote) .

2, (the Li Guangyao definition to the Singaporean) A Singaporean Is A Person Who Feels Committed To Upholding Society As It Is—multi-racial, tolerant, accommodating, forward-looking---And Who Is Prepared To Stake His Life For The Community.
A Singaporean is opposite namely existent multivariate and phyletic, patient help each other and the society of stand high and see far, with devoting spirit supports it, the person that equips to give life for it (devote) .

3, I Believe That Both Candidates Should Make It Absolutely Clear That They Share A Basic Commitment To The Success Of The Negotiations Now Taking Place In Paris.
I believe the presidential candidate of two parties, answer to express explicitly absolutely, they the business that to facilitating Paris holds now is concluded result, have basic verbal tie (character is made an appointment with) .
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