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English translates medium lexical differentiate and analyse
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Chemical combination price: Aluminium Has A Conmbining Power Of Three.

Motivation: Power Shaft transmission shaft
Force: Brake Power

Force: Knowlege Is Power
Influence: Politica Power
Powerful nation: Superpower
The Shade Meaning Of "system" :

System: System of lighting of report of Electric Light SystemLubricating System lubricant system
Power network: Breakdown of network of System Fault power
Device: Device of brace of Tierod-crank System connecting rodDevice of feed a machine of roof of Top Charging System
Equipment: Loading System reprints equipment
Make: Basic Hole(shaft) System base aperture (axis) make

[maths] group: System Of Equations
[mechanical] department: System Of Forces
[chemical] law: Acid System acerbity law

System: Industrial System
System: Social System
Method: A New System Of Teaching Foreign Language

The Shade Meaning Of "work" :
The job: Work Experience
Workpiece: Workpiece of Stamp Work die forging
Factory: NO.1 Motor Vehical Works
Defence works: Defence Works
Composing: New book of acupuncture treatment of New Works On Acupuncture
Result: Mechanical Work
Movement: The Machine Works Well.
Treatment: The Wood Works Easily.
Effective: The Medicine Works.
Cause: Work Wonders(miracles) creates a miracle

The Shade Meaning Of "sound" :
[sound] Sound Wave
[sound] The Plan Sounds Reasonable.
[pronunciation] Sound Every Syllable! Every syllable wants pronunciation.
The Ship Moved Slowly Forward Sounding As She Went. Regular boat is slow fast advancement, all the way hammer measures depth of water.
[in good condition] Sound Metal high grade metal
[firm] the cast with solid Sound Casting

The Sahde Meaning Of "round" :
[round] Round Plate
[whole] A Round Ton
[annular] contact of A Round Trip
[round horn] horn of the circle inside Fillet And Round and outside round horn
[play] missile of Guided Round (missile)
[around] The Moon Moves Round The Earth.
[everywhere] Show Sb Round
[make round] Round The Corners
[rounding off] 3.14159 Rounded To Four Decimals Becomes 3.1416

Of “ trash ” say:
1, Litter: Not be the trash on real significance, the “ of the interspersion after be being used however is sundry ” , be equivalent to Odds And Ends, or saying simply is odd-come-short (Leavings)
Always Pick Up Your Litter After A Picnic.

2, Waste: True trash, american is commonly used Trash, this word still has “ ort ” , or the meaning of “ rubbish ” .
Rubbish basket American uses Trash Can; England uses Dustbin. American calls southern poverty-stricken white man The (poor) White Trash; to see, this word can make the person with worthless “ or content ” explanation again.
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