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The Rumour Has No Foundation: This hearsay is without a basis

Understand these “ to organize ” ?

1, Construction: Point to “ tectonic ” (assemble component, the way that combination makes whole together) ; “ structure ” (match and arrange of each component, the construction that gravitational share assumes on the building)Aircraft Construction: The plane is tectonicWelded Construction: Solder structure
This Machine Is Simple In Construction: This kind of machine is tectonic and simpleBody Construction: Automobile body (airframe, bomb put oneself in another's position) tectonicCapital Construction: InfrastructurePhysical Construction: Machinery is tectonicPrefabricated Construction: Prefab and tectonicShips Of Similiar Construction: The boat with similar structure

2, Structure: “ structure, organization”Age Structure: The age is formedAtomic Structure: Atomic structureSteel Stucture: Steel structureShell Stucture: Layer structureBrick Stucture: Bricky buildingGeological Stucture: Geology is tectonicMarket Stucture: Market structureMicroscopic Stucture: Microstructure
The Human Body Is A Wonderful Stucture: Human body is a wonderful tectonic thingThe Stucture Of A Plant: A kind of floral is tectonic

"How much does Charge" meaning know?
1, charge: Service Charge serves cost;
2, responsibility: In Charge Of is responsible;
3, feed a machine: Furnace Charge charging;
4, charge: Charge of Induced Charge induction;
5, ram: Dynamite of Shaped Charge taper hole

Solve “develop again”
1, develop: Agriculture DevelpopmentSocial DevelopmentIndustrial DevelpopmentDevelopment In Foreign Affairs

2, developmentWater-power DevelopmentOil-field DevelopmentDevelopment Of Natural ResouercesInterllectual Development

3, developmentAdvanced Development: Distant view product is developed, prototype trial-produceUnder DevelopmentEngineering DevelopmentOperatinal Development produces: Article improve sexual developmentExploratory Development: Explore a gender to develop

4, developOre DevelopmentLateral Development: The level is developed

5, spread out (use at maths)Series Development: Progression spreads outDevelopment Of Function: Of function spread out

6, developChemical Development: Chemical developOver Development: Over developmentTime Development: Time develop
The Shade Meaning Of "power" :

[maths] power, power
The Sixth Power Of Two Is Sixty-four.

Force: Horse Power
Power: Rated Power rated power

Electric power: Power Network
Power source: Power Switch
Power: Power Export

Can: Chemical Power
Competence: Competence of Catalytic Power catalysis
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