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English translates medium lexical differentiate and analyse
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9, always check (ill) room: General Purpose
10, secretary-general: General Secretary

You can does “ decide ” to come down?
1, Set A Date: Decision date
2, Set An Example: Establish model
3, Set Fruit: Knot fruit
4, Set A Fire: Ignition
5, Set A Severed Limb: Break limb to be received again
6, Set Sail: Begin navigation, set sail
7, Set The Camera Lens: Adjust (camera) camera lens
8, Set A Pen To Paper: Start writing, begin to write or paint
9, Set A New Task: Offer new job
10, Set Down All Items: Mark next all items
11, Set Oneself To Learn From: Determination learns to ……

Do you know this has much “ to weigh ” ?
1, Heavy Applause: Applause ardently
2, Heavy Gait: Heavy gait
3, Heavy Chemicals: Mass-produced chemical
4, Heavy Sea: Surfy offing
5, Heavy Sleep: Sleep soundly
6, Heavy Smoker: The person of smoke like a chimney
7, Heavy Current: Strong electric current
8, Heavy Eater: Feed generous person
9, Heavy Task: Onerous task
10, Heavy Food: Fat and indigestible food
11, Heavy Traffic: Congested traffic
12, Heavy Weather: Harsh weather
13, Heavy Road: Muddy road
14, Heavy Rain: Heavy rain
15, Heavy Clouds: Large cloud
16, Heavy Crops: Bumper harvest
17, Heavy Frost: Thick frost
18, Heavy Wine: Firewater
19, Heavy News: Distress message
20, Heavy Heart: Depressed heart
21, Heavy Fire: Violent gunfire
22, Heavy Bread: Without the biscuit that has fermented
23, Heavy Wire: Thick wire
24, Heavy Load: Burden
25, Heavy Storm: Rainstorm
26, Heavy Reader: Depressing and expatiatory reader

How does “ intensity ” say?
1, Intensity: Point to strong pitch, multi-purpose wait for abstraction at magnetism, report, hot, smooth, sound, fire, labor or be not (feel easily) hypostatic.
Exemple: Colour Intensity Intensity Of Light
2, Strength: Point to strong pitch, the particular in kind that is used at can be being felt defies the size of ability. Cement grade of Strength Of Cement() Engine StrengthWorking Strength

Did you hit ” of firm “ foundation?
1, Base: Point to corporeal, specific foundation, base. Base Line: Base lineBase Plate: BaseCotton Base: Produce cotton divisionData Base: DatabasePaint Base: Priming paintRaw Material Base: Raw material base

2, Basic: Basic, alkalescentBasic Bessemer Steel: The bottom blows alkalescent converter steelBasic Hole: Base apertureBasic Industry: Fundamental industryBasic Material: Basic material

3, Basis: Aeriform, abstract foundation, basisEconimic Basis: Economic baseHole Basis: Base aperture is madeScientific Basis: Scientific basis

4, Foundation: Point to the foundation of edifice building, extend the meaning is “ basis”Foundation Bolt: Foundation boltMaterial Foundation Of Society: Social material foundationReinforced Concrete Foundation: Ferroconcrete foundation
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