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English translates medium lexical differentiate and analyse
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6, He Killed Himself By Overwork: Deadly;
7, He Killed The Spirit Of The Group: Obliterate;
8, He Killed Three Bottles Of Whiskey In A Week: Drink off;
9, Kill The Peace: Strangle;
10, Kill The Friendship: Stop;
11, Kill A Marriage: Remove

“ fame ” a variety of:
1, Fame: Commendatory, point to the advantage that waits for a respect about one the individual's character, behavior, ability;
2, Reputation and Repute are about the same, but commendatory but derogatory sense, point to the evaluation of pair of people or content, view, acceptation is narrower;
3, Distinction: Commendatory, because post and rank, position or character place are caused,point to, include person of “ be superior to normally, extraordinary ” ;
4, Renown: Commendatory, point to celebrated fame or the honor that should receive;
5, Notoriety: Derogatory sense, answer relatively with Fame.

” of “ absolutely empty:
1, Hollow: State “ is empty, of empty, disloyal, the ” of cave in, can mix Tree, voice, sound, the use consecutively such as Cheeks;
2, Vacant: Express “ nobody takes up, the ” of fall vacant, often mix Position, room, house, the use consecutively such as Seat;
3, Empty: State “ is empty, penniless ” , can mix House, room, cup, box, stomatch, head, the use consecutively such as Words.

Can you understand “or” ?
1, join two quits things or person, but interpret is “ or ” , “ or ” ;
2, around is same when the thing, should interpret is “ namely ” , “ or weigh ” , “ or make”
The Exact Mechanism Of Yutin, or Vitamin P As Is Sometimes Called, on The Capillary Wall Is Not Understood.
Add translation: Lu Ding, the vitamin P that weighs sometimes namely, its cut action really to blood capillary wall (mechanism) still do not understand.
3, join two groups of numbers, when the same amount that represents different unit, general interpret adds up to ” for “ , “ is equal to ” ;
Normal Temperature In Man Is 98.6F Or 37C (regretful when the mark on watch temperature I won't) .
4, from respect result is brought about in Or, should interpret is “ otherwise ” ;
Hurry Up, or You Will Be Late.
5, "or So" “ controls ” ; "Or More" above; "Or Rather" even

"General" meaning a variety of:
1, general anesthesia: General Anesthesia
2, census, collective examination: General Check-up
3, general and healthy circumstance: General Health Condition
4, omnibus hospital: General Hospital
5, general line: Genegral Line
6, outline: General Outline
7, diffuse sexual peritonitis: General Peritonitis
8, average doctor: General Practitioner
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