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English translates medium lexical differentiate and analyse
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The content below although the title with the article not quite conform to, but as the main unit that forms a type - - vocabulary, also not allow to ignore. Hope everybody offers criticism and make a comment or criticism to these understanding.

Of “ flashy ” say:
1, Shine: Beamed, stability pointing to light blasts off;
2, Glitter: Flashy, show light is not stable blast off;
3, Glare: Dazzling, state smooth strength is the greatest;
4, Sparkle: Twinkle, point to launch imperceptible luminosity.

“ breaks ” say:
1, Break: Average term, broken via hit or using force;
2, Crack: Appeared interstitial, but had not come to bits;
3, Crush: Point to exert oneself to do sth. from outside inward or from go up to be pressed downward and send broken;
4, Demolish: Destroy, the shovel is made the same score or cut smooth (like soil, building, the castle) ;
5, Destroy: Go up in the body, spirit go up or destroy thoroughly on morality and justice, make cannot recover from an illness;
6, Shatter: Make an object smashs suddenly;
7, Smash: Point to bring one sound as a result of a force of arise suddenly and smash thoroughly.

Of concerned “ dead ” say:
1, die, die: To Pass Away;
2, birthday eventually: To Close (end) One's Day;
3, die, cut off the gas: To Breathe One's Last;
4, return on the west: To Go West;
5, understanding dirt predestined relationship: To Pay The Debt Of Nature;
6, the life puts in Acheron 's charge: To Depart To The World Of Shadows;
7, see an extremely cruel and violent person: To Give Up The Gost;
8, kick the bucket: To Kick The Bucket;
9, pedal leg: To Kick Up One's Heels;
10, do not have a meal: To Lay Down One's Knife And Fork.

Concerned “ is pregnant ” (Pregnant) say:
1, She Is Having Baby;
2, She Is Expecting;
3, She Is In A Family Way;
4, She Is In A Deliacate Condition;
5, She Is In An Interesting Condition;
6, She Is Knitting Little Booties.

“broken” meaning a variety of:
1, A Broken Man: An acedia person;
2, A Broken Soldier: A deformed soldier;
3, Broken Money: Pin money;
4, A Broken Promise: Abandoning promise;
5, Broken English: Of a kind English;
6, A Broken Spirit: Dejected volition;
7, A Broken Heart: Broken heart.

Accurate understanding “kill” (from the back add the meaning of a word) :
1, He Killed The Man: Kill;
2, He Killed The Dog: Slaughter;
3, He Killed Time Down At The Park: Fritter away;
4, He Killed His Chance Of Success: Forfeit;
5, He Killed The Motion When It Came From The Committee: Overrule;
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