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100 common " public symbol and specification " English expression
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1, Business Hours business hours
2, Office Hours office hours
3, Entrance enters the mouth
4, Exit exit
5, Push is pushed
6, Pull is pulled
7, Shut blind alley
8, On is opened (put)
9, Off closes
10, Open does business
11, Pause pauses
12, Stop is shut
13, Closed comes off work
14, Menu menu
15, Fragile is brittle
16, this faces This Side Up on
17, Introductions explains
18, One Street is one-way
19, Keep Right/Left leans left / right
20, only accurate bus passes Buses Only
21, Wet Paint paint did not work
22, Danger is dangerous
23, Lost and Found Office of Lost And Found
24, go ahead of the rest of Give Way express
25, Safety First safety first
26, Filling Station gas station
27, No Smoking prohibits smoking
28, No Photos does not take a picture please
29, stop of No Visitors tourist
30, No Entry no admittance
31, No Admittance idler is avoided into
32, No Honking prohibits crying horn
33, Parting park
34, Toll Free passes through freely
35, F.F. Speed
36, Rew. Take
37, EMS (is postal) express delivery
38, Insert Here here is inserted
39, open of Open Here here
40, Split Here here is torn apart
41, Mechanical Help car is repaired
42, "AA" Film is 14 years old are banned below see a movie
43, Do Not Pass prohibits overtake
44, no U-turns of No U Turn
45, U Turn Ok is OK U Z bend
46, prohibit cycling inside school of No Cycling In The School
47, signal of SOS urgent ask for help
48, Hands Wanted invite applications for a job
49, Staff Only locates a worker originally special
50, No Litter is not thrown in disorder sundry

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