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English-Chinese common saying is compared
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Speak of different culture, what people often thinks of is difference, difference of culture of Chinese and Western, thing Fang Wen turns difference. What compare culture to see more so is difference differentiate with analytic. Little imagine, relative premise, it is to have can compare a gender. Can compare another explanation of the gender, have collective place namely. For example, compare a men and women, because the men and women belongs to the mankind,be; Compare English Chinese, because all belong to a language,be. If someone says to compare man and English, perhaps compare woman and Chinese, everybody can laugh at this certainly is an incongruous simply. In other words, comparable, because have,be kind with. Accordingly, difference and kind it is impartible together those who cut. Explain culture difference, must with culture kind it is a foundation together. Compare different culture, also should as making friend, beg put together (differentiate) different is correct path.
The Yu Wen of the language is changed, the Yu Saiwei that also resembles a language is same, it is form of a kind of expression. Accordingly, the language also is the carrier of all sorts of culture content. Language of have the aid of, can touch the connotation of explore culture; From inside the comparison that conveys a form, can the similarities and differences of peek culture. For instance, compare literature, compare linguistics to wait. A rich and colorful in the language, wide for the form that circulate, it is “ logion epigrammatic ” . These fine sentences that are cited extensively, often accumulate the marrow that generalized human culture experience, height is wraparound, able to read aloud fluently of the sound of reading aloud. The basic task that often touchs because of it the mankind lives again, and have deeper historical source, different culture is so medium, often can see similar expression. The friend that has learned a foreign language can have been contacted more or less kind with the logion at native language epigrammatic. The Chinese and English famous remark that plays interview to lift place of English of a few old study to accumulate is epigrammatic, admire the collective experience of different culture to accumulate together with everybody.

A the most similar kind, its expression means and content are almost identical, be like it seems that is direct interpreter. For instance:
To Strike While The Iron Is Hot.
Strike while iron is hot
Good Luck Would Never Come In Pairs.
Blessing not double to
Fire Proves Gold, adversity Proves Men.
Blaze shows true gold, adversity knows a hero
Long Hair And Short Wit.
The hair is long, experience is brief
Blood Is Thicker Than Water.
Blood is thick at water
If You Would Not Be Known To Do Anything, never Do It.
If VIP does not know, unless personal Mo Wei
In Unity Here Is Strength.
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