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Learn add of 42 of English classical gist
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The term of leaven dough of much more advertent motion can increase conversational material, especially annals studies abroad American man has need more.
The 41st gist: Need not make excessive demands to oneself perfect
Pursuit is perfect, deserve praise originally. The person that learns English always hopes he can be achieved do not have correctly by accident degree. But the process that learns English will tell, should regard “ perfect ” as the objective that pursues future, and need not let it become a chains on him head.
When oneself practice, although want to be made as far as possible,do not have correctly by accident, but also should tolerate oneself and others make a mistake. Some students complain say, because their teacher begs good intention to cut, their one mouth exercise lets them learn to do not have confidence more more with respect to the be a nass of bruises that is corrected. Right overcorrect possibility can arise oneself or others instead combat the effect, the study of the language especially such, the effect that suffers psychology because of the expressive ability of the language is very big.
On the application of the language, might as well it is the first target in order to communicate. Can understand the word of the other side, also can let the other side understand the meaning that he should convey, had abecedarian success. Although tell tongue-tied, used sentence 0 broken broken many it is good to compare a mouth always also. Broke through psychogenic disorder, build the confidence that communicates with English, go after continuously again refined. What say for oneself when you is bad, when bad and those who write is crestfallen, remember please: “Every Learner Is Entitled To Make Mistakes. The person of ” study has the right that make a mistake.
The 42nd gist: Develop originality, make an attempt more
The 41 gist that say above, can saying is very unripe activation, practical the study method that change. Annals learns the person of English, can act according to circumstance, the choice of adjust measures to local conditions exercises him a few times among them. Also can develop originality, make an attempt additionally, find the study method that suits oneself. Learning a language is a kind of art, also be the process that a kind of ceaseless ego surmounts, in any can start on, in any can break through on. Want you to be being held in the arms only cordial, the courage of perseverance and attempt, plus good teaching material how-to, sure meeting has a successful day! !

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