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Learn add of 42 of English classical gist
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Read an article, try to mark next points with English, possible sentence, keep a few views to this article. Practice so, can will passive (Passive) change is become active (Active) , the input (Input) changeover becomes output (Output) .
Thirtieth 9 gist: Look for subject matter from foreign superstition
Study English must be mixed the life of flower beauty personage and culture photograph union, ability learns have depth. The blind faith that knows English state and fokelore also are those who make English can learn to be used alive alive is effective interesting method.
Like be being had blind faith in just like China, foreign superstition has confirmed effect to the foreigner's religion and lifestyle. For example old beauty sees friend sneeze can say “Gesundheit” or “ at once (God) Bless You. ” , this is the meaning that “ god blesses ” . Because of the old fokelore according to Hesperian, sneeze will be ejective breath, soul meets Lian Hun to run together, need God to bless one life of course.
Resemble English regular meeting to say “You Should’ve Kissed The Blarney Stone” at the person of one's words to clumsy again (you should kiss cloth early to pull Rui Cheng that stone) . There is a strange rock in Blarney city of Ireland so, want to kiss on this stone only allegedly, the enunciation that the person of tongue of stupid clumsy of speech can go is bright.
Flower beauty says “My Ears Are Buring. ” (my two ear are calorific. ) represent someone rearward start a rumour. “He Has An Itching Hand
/ Palm) (his palm is scratchy. ) mean this person flay a flint.
When their smoking ignites, after two people light cigarette, often drop igneous extinguish, the 3rd person is nodded again afresh, because have “Three On A Match Is Bad Luck. ” (3 people share a match to be able to have mildew luck. ) superstitious. Still have too numerous to mention one by one of a lot of superstition.
Collect and study these superstition or fokelore not only the depth that can increase to understand English, also can increase the interest that learns English at the same time.
The 40th gist: Be familiar with the term of concerned motion, conduce to and the foreigner is communicated
American not only like sport, also love to watch all sorts of sports games, elephantine American Football (beautiful type rugger) , baseball (baseball) , tennis (tennis) , basketball (basketball) , boxing (boxing) it is popular athletic item. The message of victory or defeat of all sorts of matches often also becomes old beauty people the topic of at one's leisure, for example annual the college football game that new year's day is in a few areas of countrywide to hold (Bowl Games, be like the pily cup Cotton Bowl of heart city Dallas, add continent the rose cup Rose Bowl of Pasadena, it is the news that the whole nation fixes eyes upon almost) . Some are athletic term formerly, like “hit And Run” (dozen belt run, after extend the meaning strikes a person to drive, escape now) , “go To Bat” (era is hit, show extend the meaning to spend difficulty to help a person) waited to become general everyday expressions now.
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