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Learn add of 42 of English classical gist
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Saying the goal that listens to others is the courage that trains his on one hand, it is the expressive ability that tries oneself on the other hand, look whether the meaning that makes others sufficient understand his. Come out to want to say, want advertent pronunciation naturally, dialect, the problem of each respect such as rhythm.
You are OK also the classmate active study English, colleague or friend organization rise by turns give a lecture, make audience by turns. After be being told, each other undertake discussion with English. A theme does a center to be able to make the content of conversational exercise specific and rich, outclass is empty the colloquy of irrelevant (Free Talk) . Insist to do such exercise every week, saying after a year, write a respect to be able to progress certainly amazingly quick.
Thirtieth 6 gist: Think with English at any time, with English record
The stand or fall of English degree, it is to see you whether follow one's inclinations in daily life or job apply English to listen, say, read, 4 kinds of written skill. And the total germ of these 4 kinds of skill is the ability that thinks with English.
Make thinking with English is not to kick the issue that can reach. The most important nurturance uses the convention that English ponders over. We must be made from the dribs and drabs in the life case. When for instance we are walking, or the thing that when queueing up to buy a ticket, sees place, hears talk or the life bagatelle that think of use English to convey in brain. Although not be complete sentence, it is OK also to use word or phrase. If the environment is permitted, write down them into jotter in.
This kind of exercise needs to notice most, it is the program that avoids to be translated through Chinese as far as possible. Should see, hear, think of with English direct record comes down. This is the first measure that exercises English to ponder over a habit.
Thirtieth 7 gist: Make a faultfinder
Learn English for oneself, it is to help others learn English even sometimes, cannot help doing faultfinder. On wayside billboard, on the manual of commodity, on the throwaway of publisher, what if use English book,write only is OK and advertent, look can carry a mistake. Such doing conduce to training you are attentive with accurate habit. Come up against interrogative place mights as well excerption come down, with the teacher, the friend discusses one time. The person that if can make,makes mistake of course corrected an error, be additional results.
Thirtieth 8 gist: Remember at any time from listen, read, transfer to say, write
The Chinese compares silent reservation mostly, have generally like to listen, do not like to say, like to read, do not like written mentality. Although be on colloquial class also often a few a few students are speaking, majority just listens silently. If this kind of psychology is not broken through, make English further upward hard.
Want to hold the manner of active enterprising in mentally so, remind oneself at any time, listen and be being read is for preparation of writing of compose a quarrel. Hearing tape, broadcast, or when talk audition a person, the interest that should hold height in the arms and curious psychology, find out at any time have interrogative place, raise a question with English, imagine a few possible solutions next. If hear the opinion that oneself do not agree with, also want to try to express oneself point of view with English.
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