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Learn add of 42 of English classical gist
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It Was Already Eight O’clock, and I Was Still On The Bus To School. I Was Sure To Get Into Trouble With The Teacher. I Suddenly Remembered She Was Going To Test Us. I Didn’t Study At All Since I Slept Too Well Last Night. Now What Should I Do?
When I Walked Into The Classroom, I Looked Out Of The Window. The Bees Were Busy Making Honey From Flowers. The Birds Also Were Busy Making Nets. The Sun Was Shining Brightly. As I Saw This, a Thought Struck Me: I Wished To Leave TheSchool At Once, to Throw My Books Aside, and To Hide In The Beautiful World Of Nature. But I Realized I Could Not Do So. If Even The Bees And Birds Were So Busy At Work, then I, a Human Being, should Be Ashamed Of Being Idle. I Therefore Changed My Mind And Faced The Music.
(already at 8 o'clock, but I still sit on the car that leaves for the school. I know regular meeting endures teacher criticism. Suddenly I thought, she wants test today we. Yesterday evening what I sleep is very sweet, did not review at all. That now this how does one do?
After I walk into a classroom, to look outside the window. The bee is between the flowers busy move collects honey, birdie people also be in busy incubate, sunshine beautiful. See all these, I have an idea suddenly. I wish I can escape a classroom on the horse, throw book at the same time, hide in beautiful nature. But I realize, I cannot be done so. Connect birdie and bee to work in busy move even, i, as a person, should be faineant and feel ashamed. Accordingly, I changed an attention, preparation accepts criticism. )
Thirtieth 4 gist: Write with English read a summary
Be in current in the society of this kind of internationalization, write a report with English, reading notes, the opportunity of memorandum is increasing, the personage that is engaged in international trade or other international general affairs especially needs to develop this kind of ability more.
This kind of English composes the education of ability, should lean at ordinary times every little bit tries hard accumulate. We are OK a foreign document that reads when work and lying fallow, novel plot, or report of English newspapers and periodicals, the content consummate summary of the comment. Do not want copy word for word as far as possible textual, the English that should use oneself however arranges the content that already understood briefly, read aloud the parent next, teacher, friends listen. Do the content that can discover a summary so correct, oneself pronunciation is clear, it is a kind of practice kind that can get effective instantly, to feeling arrange and of the character exercise a help very big.
Thirtieth 5 gist: Write life experience into English composition, or watch of the hair that do a mouth
Come 2 times every Monday, the time that uses 9 hours every time lives a week of a future life or the result on the job and impressions are written into the English of 349 words to write a composition. After consider is revised, recite again, be in next proper when like making a presentation iteration gives a fellow student, colleague or friend listen.
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