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Learn add of 42 of English classical gist
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Thirtieth gist: Review has learned word with free couplet idea
Waiting for a car, wait for dull hour of the person, reviewing English word perhaps is very good pastime. You can lean all round the thing will spark the “ freedom that inspiration develops you associates ” . Such doing can take exercise already mental, review English word, can goof, it is with one action is counted really.
For example: You see the girl that wears blue dress, from blue (Blue) think of Blues (Bruce: Blue air) , bluebird (bluebird) Blue-blOoded (of the noble) ; Or think of Red from Blue (gules) Pink (pink) , crimson (cardinal) , scarlet (blood-red color) etc. Can saying is green jade of the dome on “ falls next Acheron ” , let you feel its are happy boundless.
Thirtieth one gist: The small episode in using the life or socially abiogenesis incident learns English
We also can associate “ in the small interlude that ” uses a few lives. For example: You are going on the driveway, not careful sprain ankle. You can imagine how to come out its expression with English. Above all, you can check Chinese-English dictionary heart to know sprain is Sprain, the ankle is Ankle. But you return need to look up English-Chinese dictionary or Ying Ying dictionary the usage about these words, in order to avoid misapplication. You can draw up finally this sentence “I Sprained My Ankle This Morning. ”
From inside the life study can get a few instantly achievement feeling, do not believe you to have a try!
Thirtieth 2 gist: Accumulate economic beautiful line, arrange make card
Increase English conversation capacity, one of effective methods that add a vocabulary again at the same time are get on you from book, the wonderful article that sees on newspapers and periodicals sentence excerption come down, make card. Inspect need to be able to be divided into politics, economy, literature, artistic, sports kind. Taking a few pieces at ordinary times, the back is obtained when leisure. Often can send really when conversation and writing on use. This is the effective method that adds a vocabulary, it is the effective prescription that practices English conveying ability more. Collected sentence must not grow, sometimes short sentence more can concise and comprehensive.
Thirtieth 3 gist: the thing that produced that day, write into the diary with English
Since say,be a diary (Diary) , best can write everyday. English whether those who write is clear and coherent secondary still issue, can last write down a diary with English everyday (Keep A Diary In English) just be the most important.
The diary basically looks to oneself, because this is stylistic and OK relatively free. For example (I Got) Up At Six. ((I) got up at 6 o'clock in the morning. ) (I) Went To The Zoo This Afternoon. ((I) went to the zoo this afternoon. ) (I Was) Bitten By A Dog Around Noon. (about midday moment (I) was bitten by a dog. ) the word inside the bracket in these sentences can omit when writing down a diary. If cannot draw up because of time relation or other reason sentence or paragraph, although list only,a few words are compared always also what do not write completely is good. A written more complete diary is below:
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