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Learn add of 42 of English classical gist
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Of course it is good that we also cannot say Ying Ying dictionary compares English-Chinese dictionary certainly. English-Chinese dictionary also has its convenient place, check when us especially when changing plant or certain goods name, for example: Dictionary of this word Cha Yingying gets “cockroach” “a Large Black Insect Which Lives In Dark Wet Places And Likes Dirty Houses” (it is a kind of bodily form slants big, the black insect that likes to live in the place of dark moisture and dirty house) . This is inferior to the be clear at a glance of “ cockroach ” in English-Chinese dictionary.
The 27th gist: Use prefix and suffixal augment vocabulary
Major English word is by prefix, suffixal be combined with root and become. To prefix, suffixal understanding can help us remember a word, enlarge our vocabulary thereby.
For example: Respond (reaction) this word, add suffixal Ent to form adjective or name: Respondent reacts or answerer. Add Ence or Er to become substantival Respondence reaction and Responder answerer. Add prepositive Co to become Correspondence to accord with, communication. From above example can see, study prefix and suffixal extremely helpful to increasing a vocabulary.
The 28th gist: The vocabulary that takes care English is tie-in
Every kinds of language has its individual character, often cannot recumbent and pure interpreter comes apply mechanically. English learner wants special attention the vocabulary is tie-in (Collocation) , just do not come picture tiger kind canine exemple as usual uses word Open, chinese interpreter is “ opens ” , but the “ that Chinese should convey opens ” however cannot uniform will convey with Open. “ opens the door, ” opening a window is Open The Door/window, “ opens the lamp, opening radio ” is Turn On The Light/radio however, “ attends a meeting ” becomes Hold A Meeting, ” of “ spending bill is Write A Check, but “ bank opens an account ” can use Open An Account again. Although these collocation make abecedarian dazzling a bit, but the character that reflected language character however, also be it is agile and interesting place.
The 29th gist: It is the change that be collected by the verb active vocabulary
Passive vocabulary (Passive Vocabulary) it is you those who look understand, identify the vocabulary that reach, and active vocabulary (Active Vocabulary) it is you the useful vocabulary that come out is composed in conversation. English pitch is better, the active vocabulary that shows him is more, jump over in applying actually can the passive vocabulary change that the person that handy learns English so wants to have him as soon as possible becomes active vocabulary.
The principle of change wants namely commonly used (You Must Learn To Use A Word By Using It) . It is insufficient that light knows word justice, you must perusal illustrative sentence, use proper opportunity next (conversational, write a letter, even solilo-quize, cranky when) use it, multi-purpose a few, you master this vocabulary.
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