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Learn add of 42 of English classical gist
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From above we can see gist, check a dictionary to cannot see word justice only, notice pronunciation even, usage, illustrative sentence, parts of words changes (develop new word) , close justice word, antonym, differentiate justice and relevant vocabulary, a small English-Chinese dictionary is far insufficient.
The bigger dictionary with different content had better prepare two above, so that mutual confirm, each other is complement. For example the vocabulary that some dictionaries collect is particularly much, illustrative sentence of some lexical lay particular stress on, phrase of some lay particular stress on, also some lexical classification to sentence pattern and specification are particularly clear, some lists in detail close justice word, the resolution of antonym and synonym. Check a dictionary to often divide results with respect to how more.
The 24th gist: Read piece, ability is written down firmly
The first step that marks a word is numerate it aloud come. Read whole word a few times first, read the word alone a few times next. When reading, ” should be depicted in brain according to its pronunciation its word. Often do the person of this kind of exercise, want the pronunciation that the word recites in the mouth only, the form appearance of this word is revealed with respect to meeting float in the heart. Wanting those who see to notice you is whole word, is not individual letter. In this phase, although the fault leaked,9 letters also have nothing to do with, must not an abecedarian carries a letter on the back.
Then, the eye leaves book, whole sentence iteration 9, next the word that you should carry iteration on the back. Such memorial word ability are written down firmly.
The 25th gist: After the dictionary has been checked, do not close temporarily
The dictionary that has consulted does not close immediately. When checking another word again next time, can have a look at this page of lay open again first, this to the word that checks last be a kind very effective review, often make you impressive, will always bear in mind.
Some people like a word that has checked to copy many a on the notebook back, as reviewing this is possible, but the effect is afraid as from inside the article, na Yaoming of word of the memory in the dictionary is shown. There just can be affirmatory meaning in the sentence only because of major word, isolate it rise, coming is very difficult remember, 2 although remembered also often won't applying,coming is.
The 26th gist: Want to develop language sense of English, use Ying Ying vocabulary please
Count the person of English-Chinese dictionary completely, cannot examine the definition with an exact word sometimes. Below the influence of fuzzy concept, the word that speak or the sentence that draw up often amphibolous, not speak in detail causes the family's misunderstanding even.
One of methods that overcome this weakness are dictionary of use Ying Ying. Ying Ying dictionary often gives out more detailed and exact definition. Be in sometimes literal meaning (Denotation) besides return the meaning that gives it (Connotation) . Look please below this example: Sofa: English-Chinese dictionary explanation is “ sofa ” . But cannot telling us “sofa” is assorted one thing. Check Cha Yingying dictionary to be able to get comparative distinct impression: “a Comfortable Seat Wide Enough For Two Or Three People To Sit On ” can be offerred on sofa so 2 or what 3 people sit side by side is comfortable sit chair.
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