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Learn add of 42 of English classical gist
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The 21st gist: Before consulting a dictionary, want to guess
Learn a kind of language to must consult a dictionary, but must pay attention to a method. Say two things first here: The first: Do not want blind to check; The 2nd: What do not check is too fast; In other words, in check a dictionary to want to think first before, guess even.
The person of English of a lot of study, see in the article the new word grabs the dictionary is checked, the result often is every new word has been checked, look not to know whole however or paragraphs whole meaning. If be in,consult a dictionary previously, guess according to the meaning of context first, turn over a dictionary again, won't feel not know what to do. Be in for example (A) sentence: “Will This Small Car Negotiate That Steep Hill? ” (can have this car turned over that steep hill? ) and (B) sentence: “I’m Sorry.Our Bank Doesn’t Negotiate Foreign Checks. ” (I am sorry, our bank does not cash foreign check. ) in occurrence Negotiate, the ” of bargaining of “ of the first definition that we cannot choose most dictionary to fall to it. If truly thinking turns over a dictionary to copy next “ bargaining ” ,this is defined, this word cannot be understood. So, encounter a new word not to want busy move to consult a dictionary first, should combine context first, around sentence, whole paragraph comes deliberate its meaning, check a dictionary to confirm again, sometimes even not need checks lexical meaning to be clear about. This kind of method that investigates a dictionary still has a profit, because be passed first,guess, the course that consider, had observation and analysis to this new word, impression is very deep already, after consulting a dictionary remember this word very easily.
The 22nd gist: Check a dictionary not to see the meaning of a word only
A lot of people check a dictionary to see the meaning of a word for know clearly only, this at best can be done only know a new word the meaning in that word, cannot master that vocabulary actively at all, more do not talk to go up to be used alive.
Consult a dictionary besides should find out proper definition, check even 1) pronunciation: The word ability of a read news is written down firmly, just also can use come out. 2) relevant definition: A word may have a few or a few are defined. Browse relevant definition but more extensive knowledge this word. 3) usage and illustrative sentence: You can acquire the proper use of this word in the illustrative sentence from inside the dictionary. 4) antonym, close justice word and parts of words change. This makes the give attention to two or morethings when consulting a dictionary many sided gift is promotional you are right the understanding of this new word, the memory that enhances pair of this new words and work use the capacity of this new word.
The 23rd gist: Consult a few dictionaries more, mutual confirm, each other is complement
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