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Learn 42 of English classical gist
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The 19th gist: Read English newspapers and periodicals
The latest news that publishs on newspapers and periodicals, uses vocabulary also is the most contemporary, the most practical. Often read English newspapers and periodicals to be able to pass unripe activation, practical study, increase your English capacity quickly.
Country's commonnest now English newspaper is China Daily (China Daily) with 21 centuries English (21st Century) . If you are being held in the arms,increase a vocabulary, the goal that raises English to read capability reads newspaper, that one does not want the part that confine is interested in at you. Every column of newspaper of best read through and layout. Include news, editorial even advertisement. Be worth what carry is to publish the English comic on newspaper, it can foster your sense of humor not only, and the culture that lets what you laugh in understanding still can know a state and social news. The person with English a bit poor rate can read the Chinese newspaper that day first before reading English newspaper, this is very helpful to understanding English newspaper.
In addition, you are OK still newspaper of have the aid of will increase writing capacity. Choose an editorial (or a paragraph among them or several paragraphs) it interpret becomes Chinese, him exam considers the exact level of understanding to the company. Fall this translation interpret to answer English next, again at textual quite, find out the place that those remain to improve in grammar and rhetorical respect. Practice through this kind, you can be benefited certainly blame is shallow.
The 20th gist: Forget a dictionary temporarily

When we are reading English novel or the press, unavoidable meeting encounters a few new words. If always stop,check a dictionary to be able to make a person very much feel disappointed, the interest that read also can be dropped by fritter away. Accordingly we suggest you, can forget a dictionary temporarily sometimes.
Above all, the books of the choice should balance with your English level, make you be interested. Browse casually several pages, browse, if you can understand every page most probably above, can maintain this book to suit you.
Next, the new word is encountered in read, not rapid move consults a dictionary. Contact context to guess first, accomplish this enough. After waiting to look from A to Z, go checking lexical development to consider again.
View this kind of reading matter, expensive reading more, speedread. Might as well between classmate or friend borrow each other read, can be economical, can quick reading is used to nurturance.

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