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Learn 42 of English classical gist
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The 16th gist: Recite long sentence when, can make stop a bit between “ phrase ”
Another problem that appears possibly in recite is make pauses in reading unpunctuated ancient writings. Because the sentence is long, cannot read at a heat, often have hurried or spiccato phenomenon, the broken up that the sentence is read, very factitious. Also somebody is in sentence in optional halt, or idle place is undeserved, oneself are read rise extremely not clear and coherent and euphonic, audition person also can feel not know what is said. For example Reagan's president word of the 2nd inaugural speech: “We Must Do What We Know Is Right, and Do It With All Our Might. ” (we must do us to know is right thing, and should be done with all one's strength. ) can read “We/must/do What/we/know/is Right anything but, / And Do/it With All/out Might. ”
Long sentence in have brief halt, jie breathes with mediating, this is natural phenomenon, but idle place must proper. Be in normally: 1. Have the place of punctuation mark; 2. Between word group or thought unit. Phrase, the thought unit such as subordinate clause must become one unit severally, but between them OK and brief halt. For example: “We Must Do/what We Know Is Right, / And Do It/with All Your Might. (the diagonal place to can make stop a bit) .
The seventeenth gist: Read for interest
The study method of type of cold window mug not only dry, and the effect often not beautiful. If be for interest even “ beguiling ” and reading word, regular meeting interest is full, can be in aeriform in progress. For example: The English books and periodicals that likes jazz person to read a jazz respect is met many taller than seeing English schoolbook efficiency. Same, the person that likes a car looks the English books and periodicals that introduces a car, the person that likes cooking looks the English books and periodicals that introduces a car, can satisfy oneself hobby not only, and can increase English capacity again, it is kill two birds with one stone really.
If do not have special interest, that mights as well read a story, novel especially detective novel can make a person preoccupied more, and the feeling that has get sth done without any letup. This can be a kind of happy study method.
The 18th gist: Con and extensive reading are collateral
The teaching material of con need not be had an insatiable desire for much, had better choose dapper text, the vocabulary inside, syntactic structure clear up entirely, recite aloud next, add recital again, it can be written from memory a few times finally is better to can be written from memory a few times finally.
It is OK to have the method of con of give attention to two or morethings and extensive reading, be choose a few best beauty from inside returning read material, read come most the sentence of read smoothly tries con.
Should will recite as far as possible, the paragraph that has written from memory and sentence come out in the application when conversation or writing. Application also conduces to the understanding to them and memory.
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