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Learn 42 of English classical gist
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"Thank Godness, "Said The Driver, "I Thought I Had Gone Deaf. "I Thought I Had Gone Deaf.. (the police lets a driver stop the car comes, say to him: “ your wife falls down from your car be afraid the leg that already had one kilometer ” . “ thanks sacred ” driver to say “ I still think I am already deaf ” . ) the long-tongued nag of madams of acid United States.
Thirteenth gist: When listening to English, iteration follows in the mouth
Hear English speech, when seeing English TV and movie, want ear to listen at the same time, in the mouth at the same time iteration. Be helpful for the concentration of attention already so, promotional the understanding that allows internally, the people that can imitating mother tongue at the same time again is English (Native Speakers) pronunciation and dialect. When doing this kind of exercise, if long and the sentence is complex hard iteration, need not loath, can begin from shorter or simpler sentence first. The exercise is much, can form a habit. Additionally one kind of good workout is sentence by sentence oral interpretation (Consecutive Interpretation) . Become interpret of heard sentential one by one Chinese, this to audition, proper understanding and reaction ability also are very good take exercise.
The 14th gist: Practice reciting, advantage is great
English learner often takes recite seriously not quite. The magical effect that recites in fact is big! 1. Exercise English pronunciation, dialect and rhythm; 2. Make oral cavity articulates each place is agile, promotional the smooth pitch when saying English; 3. Make ear increases the chance that listens to English, raise English audition thereby; 4. Sufficient application reads 4 to: The eye arrives, the mouth arrives, ear arrives, the heart is compared to —— subvocal when the teaching material that can remember reading more. We also can say to recite the basic practice that is conversation, the person that did not recite a habit learns conversation very hard.
The 15th gist: When the exercise is recited, should push forth from the back act
When the exercise is recited, we can feel very difficult to grow a fluent read smoothly that recite sometimes. For example Reagan's president word of the 2nd inaugural speech: “So We Go Forward Today, a Nation Still Mighty In Its Youth And Powerful In Its Purpose. ” (accordingly we should advance today. Our nation still because of young and strong volume, because affirmatory and the target is powerful. ) encounter this kind of situation, we suggest you are read from a last word case, add a word ahead every time. For example: “ . . .purpose”“ . . .it’s Purpose”“ . . .in It’s Purpose”“powerful In Its Purpose” . This kind from hind push ahead recite connection law to aim to help you hold correct dialect. We know, of dialect on raise or drop be in of an end expression the most apparent. Such exercise can let you be in every time when reciting can the dialect with correct attend to.
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