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Learn 42 of English classical gist
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The first gist: Listen to English atmosphere to report
Some education tape is the study that cooperates abecedarian, language of intended rein in fast, this is insufficient to the training of English audition. If listen language fast normal English, abecedarian can feel ability not equal to one's ambition again. Although the speed that English atmosphere reports is fast, but the vocabulary is secured simply, content is pure, reduplicative possibility is large, and in the life at any time OK confirm, it is the good teaching material of audition introduction.
The 2nd gist: Listen to the English broadcast of broadcasting station of China International broadcast
Broadcasting station of China International broadcast (China Radio International) every morning 7:00- - 8:00, midday 11:00- - 12:00 have English program of a hour each. Content includes domestic and international news, the special subject of clip a collection of selected specimens and of all kinds series reports. Besides English standard fluent domestic announcer holds the position of broadcast besides, also the recording that does with respect to some topic to alien or caller is visited. Content is extensive, but the vocabulary is simpler, language in fast Yi Kuo, can the audition of thereby training or promotional English.
The 3rd gist: Be apt to takes exercise with tape hear of ability
Some learner always are used to seeing a book hear tape at the same time at the same time, regard tape as reading assists a tool, do not hit the end that exercises audition so. Tape should be the training with hearing of ability is given priority to. Learner should choose the audition tape that with oneself ability photograph gets used to, do not be eager to hope for success, lest produce be thwarted psychology. Relapse first content of listen respectfully tape, at first should capture gist only, after listening a few times more, the understanding to detail increasing. The person with poorer audition, can read a text first, center energy to understand every paragraphs of every meaning again next. Such exercises conduce to the concentration of the attention when education is listened attentively to, make your audition progresses quickly.
The 4th gist: Hear normal set phrase fast English, ability quickens the progress of audition
Education of a lot of broadcast and audition teaching material always are to cooperate the degree of audience or learner and language of intended rein in fast, although this is the flexible method of give no cause for more criticism, but also can produce a few undesirable side effect. For example: 1. Listen to be used to language the English of fast rein in, in the actual association with the foreigner, suit very hard, understand them not to use normal language even fast the English that tell. 2. Language of intended rein in fast when, meet normally in every statement is clear numerate come, but a lot of absorb can appear in the conversation with be in normal (Assimilation) , abate (Reduction) , lian Yin (Liaision) phenomenon. So, listen language fast normal English is very important to audition and conversation.
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