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How to learn from good examples do brave man interpret flower
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Look from the fixed position that the Chinese has translating, no matter be Ying Yihan or Han Yiying, basic problem is in the English level of translator or on attainment. In Ying Yihan respect, the key depends on accurate understanding textual, how to cast off in Yu Yiwen textual cabined, prevent foreign antrum foreign shift. It is to use Chinese to rescript at that time, the demand to Chinese is so a few bigger. And in Han Yiying respect, the key depends on how using learns English knowledge integratedly, the Chinese character that we understand quite clearly originally, with accurate English clear and coherent expression comes out. At that time Chinese to us it is reading tool, ought to say major person or use quite, consequently Han Yiying when go up hard in English expression.
The following hope talks about individual view with respect to the problem of 5 respects, offer reference only.

1. The key still is in English ability
If say Ying Yihan wants to conform with China,just can believe already and elegant, so Han Yiying ought to conform with the world, namely English character wants as far as possible natural, a few fluenter. Admittedly we accomplish the person that serves as mother tongue like English impossibly as the foreigner so freely, but the reason that this is not the dead interpret random interpret that abound in. This are crucial. The interpreter is the test of a kind of integrated ability, a variety of phenomena in the interpreter and difficulty are reflected in one word specific in, but in the final analysis can mirror instead this come: English foundation, or say basic English standard, be those who do good translation is essential. Can see from inside the examination paper of the student's exercise and examinee, han Yiying can reveal expressive flaw of the student most. Subject matter of Han Yiying exam is extensive, more comprehensive to the application of English basic skill. “ interpret ” is the one part with intercourse indispensable ability. Through learning Han Yiying, the English that is helpful for consolidate and raising a student is integrated level, fundamental interpreter skill and English master to use capacity on this foundation, pass smoothly socially, all sorts of tests such as enter a school of assess of the to apply for a job that will face henceforth, qualification, title, graduate student and exam, can be competent a variety of business after obtain employment translate demand. If say the composition inscribes a purpose to constitute the restriction that may accept all sorts of conditions and easy and duplicate and go up if leaning, so Han Yiying practices and the specific sentence in the exam nots allow however easy precondition, in actual interpreter, problem often won't classify ground appears, however all sorts of circumstances have, the polite formula that the student nots allow to carry the posture that keep circle on the back easily beforehand and cause grading to divide Xuan Zhi hard. Become brave man interpret flower key is besides the interpreter, specific skill is familiar with Chinese-English adequately only on foundation of two kinds of languages, and apply active and actively at learn and just can mastering gradually in the job, impossible hope carries the assault of 3 two months, master Han Yiying around ” of certain “ recipe truly this tool.
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