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How to translate " T form stage "
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Ever somebody translates American Department of Commerce into Department Of Business Affairs, and the view of Department of Commerce of the United States in English should be Department Of Commerce. Why can you appear such problem? The view that the reason is ” of Department of Commerce of “ of the United States in Chinese is be translated by English Department Of Commerce and come, when we are answering its interpreter English, of course should return its true colors, personages of such English mother tongue just meet those who understand translator indicate. This kind of phenomenon is called “ to answer interpret ” . The phenomenon that answer interpret appears between Han Yiying not only, exist as much in Ying Yihan. For example, of ” of state-owned company of the “ in Chinese or ” of “ state-owend enterprise flower translation is State-owned Enterprise, this one interpreter already was accepted extensively, already made the statement of the established by usage in English. Accordingly, we are when Ying Yihan, also must translate State-owned Enterprise into ” of “ state-owned company or ” of “ state-owend enterprise. The truth understands very easily it seems that, but in translating practice, should answer interpret and did not answer problem can be found everywhere of the interpreter. For example, have a “ bikini ” (Bikini) the interpreter becomes Three-point Bathing Suit; Also have a “ airport ” (Airport) the interpreter is Air Harbor; Have more very person, somebody Dai Nai alternate (the English name of Glady Yang) is written into Dainaidie, famous Russia composer Chaikefusiji (Tchaikovsky) the name became Chaikefusiji, make a person be between tears and smiles really.
Some terms are in Chinese-English exists at the same time in two Chinese word, the view in a lot of Chinese comes from English, because this also has a “ to answer the question of interpret ” when the interpreter, for instance, want to translate ” of games of “ world undergraduate into English when us when, we cannot be The World's University Students' Sports Meet by literal interpreter, and the view Universiad (Beijing Hosted The 2001 Summer Universiad Successfully that should use English Central Plains to come. ) .

The discussion of flower interpret of ” of pair of “T stage is below, see the concerned English story of domestic media please first:
Exemple one: Showing Off Manly Beauty On T-stage (Shanghai Star September 6, 2004)
On Nov 28th In 1999, the PARK97 Bar Located In Fuxing Park Set Up The T-Stage And Covered The Red Carpet On It. The Foreign And Domestic Models Walked On It, combining The Tradition And Future; Art And Fashion At Ease.
Exemple 2: A Model Descents In The Air Along A Vertical T-stage In A "Fashion Show In The Air" Held On The Bank Of Taiping Lake In Shanghai, east China, oct. 23, 2004. (Xinhua Photo/Dong Hongjing)
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