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Additional kind of life language that takes the United States: American slang gr
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45.Take Somebody To The Woodshed. Physical punishment, the meaning of beat on the buttocks. Extend the meaning is castigatory meaning.
46.The meaning that Knock On Wood presses literal is ” is knocked knock wood ” , this phrase is to show the thing with ligneous contact can ensure lucky, swing luckless. This is a typical English phrase. For example: I Have Never Been Without A Job, touch Wood!
47.As Promised, no less than we are affirmatory. As Planed, we plan no less than
48.I love TI AMO you! “TI AMO“Is “THE INTERNATIONAL POP MUSIC FESTIVAL FOR CHILDREN“Under The Care Of UNICEF. “Ti Amo“In Portuguese Means “love You“ , it’s Also The Title Of A Song By Umberto Tozzi. I love you! Xu Huaiyu also has TI AMO of a homonymic song.
49.Give Somebody A Leg Up is phrasal, very not common, means raises a family a leg aids him mount a horse, had climbed short wall to wait, often amplify is solved " help someone " . Time (" times weekly " ) read Ironically of ﹕ of the following sentence, the Design Revolution Has Been Given A Leg Up By Not-so-special Chain Stores Like IKEA. " very strange, IKEA in that way the chain store with special not very, actually conduce drives this design revolution " . Not-so-special not very is special.
50.Pull Somebody’s Leg namely joke someone, hold a hind leg in the palm.
51.Crossing The Rubicon is a behavior made be on not to put in a road 's charge, must go after all all the time. Rubicon (point Of No Return) should not walk up not to put in the dividing line of the road 's charge to nod namely! Rubicon is a small mountain stream of olden Italy north, the part that is apart Italy and CISALPINE GAUL is attrib border. BC 49 years, triumphant Sa great emperor is disregarded cannot lead troops the regulation that leaves oneself to seal city, brandish army crosses RUBICON to advance to Rome, antagonism curia and Pang cause civil war than great emperor.
52.She has the jest ﹕ that compere of education of TV of English of United States of Taiwan of ﹗ of For Here Or To Go Ms. Xu Wei says to cross an actual person and event a male friend (can not be a boy friend oh ﹗) very academic, before to the United States famous university reads aloud an academy perusal more than 30 grammatical monograph, remembered the English new word of 20 thousand above well, thought completely the United States always can deal with abundant beyond. How expect after arriving at the following day early in the morning, alone height eats breakfast toward Mcdonald's, asked to serve: FOr Here Or To Go? this student studying abroad temporarily between be at a loss, understand this word not, does serve convert do another kind ask a law him just Do You Want To Eat Here Or Will You Take Your Food With You of ﹕ of suddenly be enlightened? (should you eat here or take away food? )
53.Easy Does It is to be in flower beauty in recent years the spoken language with two very popular national capital, this is phrase, means: Not urgent.
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