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Additional kind of life language that takes the United States: American slang gr
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The life is a language

The faction problem in black society of the United States is discussed often in chatty song, naturally also a lot of argot related to faction are met often appear in chatty song, be like:
O.G. - namely Original Gangster, with will point to the faction as in buying a gift for a mutual friend that has case background. Red Rum - is murdered namely (the meaning of Murder) , just here writes it conversely.
The branch of one sinister gang of Rolling 60's - . Branch of Set - faction.
Fight inside faction of Set Tripping - . Smoke - commits murder.
Soldier - does not have the faction member of case bottom. The personal loyalty between Toa - faction. The person that Thug - has nothing, also can call “ rascally ” .

TTP - points to Tree Top Piru, the branch of one sinister gang. Up North Trip - is sent toward the jail.

Chatty song is useful will point to the argot that weighs drugs we again adduce is following a few:
Madhatter - peddles poisonous person. Slang - peddles poison. Trap - peddles poison. The person of addiction of drug taking of Rock Star - . Primo, turbo, this 3 nouns all are Zootie - mix into the marijuana of cocaine. Slab, snow - all points to cocaine. Effect of Smacked - drug breaks out. The exalted position that Through - drugs. Triple Beam - is to take balance gold so, but be taken later regard as the balance of balance drugs child. Skins, zig Zags - all is the paper of a hempen smoke. Sherm Stick - has immersed the hempen smoke of oil of essence of life. Roll - coils to be in charge of marijuana. Zooted - smokes marijuana. The hempen smoke that Spliff - Jamaica produces.
Vegas - sells marijuana the firm of smoke.
Additional, what still have a lot of marijuana is synonymous. Resembling is: Bammer, bonic, brown, Bud, buddha, cannabis, cheeba, chronic, dank, doubage, Ganja, grass, green, groove Weed, hash, herb, home-grown, Ill, indo, iszm, lebanon, mary Jane, maui, method, pot, Sess, shake, **** , skunk, stress, tabacci, thai, tical, wacky, And Weed. It is hempen.

Have to the female's appellation in chatty song following a few kinds:
Phat - should point to a schoolgirl from time to tome two meanings: It is old end, 2 for explicit appeal. When Shorty - points to a female, the meaning resembles Baby or Honey. Friend of Sister - female. Skank - has the woman of scandal the upper part of the body. Skirt - points to a schoolgirl namely. Woman of Trick - cheap, quite indelicate word.

Some of description to sexual respect also can appear sometimes in chatty song, we also are to understand just a little probably. Be not the name that a few anybody also can appear sometimes in descendants beauty the way one speaks or what he says, this is to need us to to its culture setting basic understanding ability knows the meaning that its speak.
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