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Additional kind of life language that takes the United States: American slang gr
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Said a lot of miscellaneous 7 miscellaneous the word of 8, what introduce black English again now is grammatical, can have deeper knowledge to gabby libretto.

※ All That Jazz: This also is a film (1979, bob Fosse hold guide " knight age " ) name, but Rap is happy in those trash of its means "All That Stuff, All That Nonsense" () .

※ Chartbuster: (Basically be D.J. Reach the term on musical journal) point to very successful on pop chart work. Buster meaning is trainer, conqueror, it can form compound with a lot of nouns, for example: Ghostbuster(film " the devil overcomes a bit " ) the person that the meaning is conquer devil.

※ Check This Out: The Check This Out that Rap song middling appears has two kinds of cases, continue then from the back of a genre of popular entertainment consisting mainly of talking and singing,
Appeal to you, ask you to ponder over his word; A paragraph of music appears then from the back, state he wants you to listen to the extraordinary change in music carefully.

※ Chilling: (Express action group, active person) sober, ad cool-headed turn up his nose at with inhospitality week of manner that meet with. Similar term has Chill Out, Cool It, Cool Off, Caim Down to wait.

※ Deep: The meaning of Real, with adjectival use consecutively, be like: Deep True(is truth really) , Deep Dumb(is quite stupid) really, those who strengthen an adjective with.

※ Def: It is the logogram of Definite, the meaning of Cool, Better is in black diction, express black of one sturdy and sober unflinching, be very the person of Cool and Better, rap happy hand often boasts he is Defiest(most Cool, the most marvellous) .

※ D.J. (Dee Jay) : It is the abbreviate of Disk Jockey, disk is disc () of black glue old record, jockey is the meaning of wire-puller. Domestic dictionary breaks up into " broadcast compere " be a mistake (what rock-and-roll diction concerns in flower 渶 dictionary is medium the) with almost rare and correct interpret, true meaning should is " be chosen in broadcasting station program or ball the person that broadcasts music " . Happy in Rap in the mainest character, can be one person, two people to be in charge of the Rapper(of a white a genre of popular entertainment consisting mainly of talking and singing even a flock of people) reach be in charge of putting record, make mix the sound, Scratch Background in offerring Rap
The D.J of Music. .

※ Dope: It is Heroin(Hai Luoying formerly) another namer, yi Ke is used at Cannabis(marijuana after) the appellation that waits for all sorts of drugs, rap is happy in the Dope that black place uses is the feeling that points to the excitement after taking drugs, display vigour, hind Yi Ke and Funky are general, it is to point to very good, very the meaning of satisfy a craving. Happy hand flaunts a lot of Rap oneself are Dopest (is the fiercest; Best) .
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