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Garment industry is common and professional term - " the word inside travel " re
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Be formed slowly in real work and ” of the word inside “ travel originallies to come down surely, but have in different country state differently.
The ” of “ clothing factory that we tell for example normally, a lot of people like to use interpreter of apply mechanically type, its interpret becomes “Garments Factory” , although not miscalculate, but American says commonly for “manufacture Of Wearing Apparel” . See “ warp ” or “ longitudinal ” normally, “warp” can appear immediately in our brain one word, although be opposite, but if you follow French deal, one word of “ warp ” often is stated with “chaine” . Most country becomes interpret of English of “ acrylic ” “Acrylic” , but the circumjacent country such as Belgium likes to use one word of “Acrylique” .
” of the word inside interpreter “ travel pays attention to the expression of echoism word even.
Be like: “voile” interpret becomes “ cling to li gauze ” , namely the “ voile ” that we tell normally; “boude Yarn” interpret becomes ” of “ undee line; “mohair Yarn” interpret becomes ” of “ mohair gauze.
What interpreter of ” of the word inside “ travel must press ” of the word inside its “ travel is special state, do not answer by subjective assume.
Be like one word of ” of “ glazed wool yarn, “ glazed ” cannot see become its interpret “bright Yarn” when the interpreter, and Ying Yicheng “luster Yarn” ; Be like one word of “lively Yarn” , when Ying Yizhong, you are likely the first feeling is to think interpret becomes the gauze ” with lively “ , answer actually interpret shrinks for “ crape gauze ” , if you are medium,interpret flower shrinks “ crape gauze ” interpret becomes English, anything but can interpret of ground of assume sth as a matter of course becomes “shrink Age Yarn” . The frequency that we use one word of ” of “ man-made cotton is more, foreign popularity says for “spunrayon” .
In vestee industry, one word home likes ” of “ blended colour yarn with “mix Colour Yarn” , and ” of the word inside pure “ travel is to use “melange Yarn” , “heather Yarn” or “ingrain Yarn” , may interpret is “coloured Spun Yarn” . Same, the “ of one word mixes ” of “ blending gauze ” can use “union” completely or “blended” is stated, interpret becomes “union Yarns” or “blended Yarn” , such interpret come out, the foreigner looked to be able to feel pure, can feel you know ” of the word inside “ travel, negotiate with you the confidence of business also can soar. The interpreter that the “ essence of life that we say normally spins wool yarn ” and ” of “ slub wool yarn should avoid the English interpreter of Chinese type, “worsted Yarn” of former Ying Yicheng, latter criterion interpret becomes “wollen Yarn” ; ” of “ polychromatic line and ” of line of “ design and color cannot interpret becomes “multicolour Yarn” or “colourful Yarn” , and should interpret is “space Dyed Yarn” .
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