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English key sentence pattern 72 kinds
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1. It makes a few sentence pattern of subject of go ahead of the rest and object of go ahead of the rest
She Had Said What It Was Necessary To Say.

2. Emphasize sentence pattern
It Is Not Who Rules Us That Is Important, but How He Rules Us.

3. "" of All abstract noun or " abstract noun Itself" (Very adjective)
He Was All Gentleness To Her.

4. Use a vocabulary to repeat express to emphasize
A Crime Is A Crime A Crime.

5. "Something (Much) Of" and "nothing (Little) Of" "something Of" is equivalent to "to Some Extent" , show rate. In question or protasis, it is "anything Of " , but interpret has bit of " for " , "Appreciably. "" interpret is be without " , "Devoid " . "Much Of" interpret has " greatly for " , "Not Much Of" but interpret does not calculate for " on " , "Do not say to go up " , "Little Of" but interpret does not have " almost for " . Something Like interpret is " to resemble a bit, be like slightly. Be like slightly..
They Say That He Had No University Education, but He Seems To Be Something Of A Scholar.

6. Apposition noun decorates two nouns that are around pointing to Of to point to same individual or content, "The substantival compose before Of" and it an adjective phrase, in order to modify that term at the back of "of" . Be like "her Old Sharper Of A Father" , but interpret is: "She the father " like that cheater.
Those Pigs Of Girls Eat So Much.

7. As…as…can (May) Be
It Is As Plain As Plain Can Be.

8. "It Is In (With) …as In (With) "
It Is In Life As In A Journey.

9. "Photograph of As Good As…" is equal to, resemble, be like almost; Actually, actually, honest.
The Merchant As Good As Promised The Orphan Boy, that He Would Adopt Him.

10. "Many As Well…as" and "might As Well …as" "many As Well…as" but interpret is " and its …… , be inferior to …… , better " , "With doing …… so advisable " , "As …… , OK also ……" is waited a moment. "Might As Well …as" shows impossible issue, but interpret is just as ……" for " , "But as absurd like …… " , "Wait a moment as such good " in that way with its.
One May As Well Not Know A Thing At All As Know It Imperfectly.

11. "The interpret law of To Make…of" (make …… becomes …… , regard …… as)
I Will Make A Scientist Of My Son.

12. " of Oo… indeterminate form, not (Never) " of Too… indeterminate form, "Too…not indeterminate form
She Is Too Angry To Speak.

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