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It is difficult that English grows a structural analysis is classical 100 (9)
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81.The Overall Result Has Been To Make Entrance To Professional Geological Journals Harder For A Mateurs, a Result That Has Been Reinforced By The Widespread Introduction Of Refereeing, first By National Journals In The 19th Century And Then By Several Local Geological Journals In The 20th Century.

[Referenced translation] come so total result is an amateur it is more difficult to want to publish an article on professional geological periodical, and the paper evaluation that is used extensively recommends a system farther aggrandizement this one result, this kinds of system is to appear on the national level journal of 19 centuries first, be in again after 20 centuries by class of a few places geological journal place is used.

82.A Rather Similar Process Of Differentiation Has Led To Professional Geologists Coming Together Nationally Within One Or Two Specific Societies, whereas The Amateurs Have Tended Either To Remain In Local Societies Or To Come Together Nationally In A Different Way.

[Referenced translation] the rocksy that a very similar differentiation procedure has brought about major walks along composition to arrive two national specialized subjects learn art mass organizations, and spare qualitative lover people apt or still stays in local mass organizations, or also comprises national orgnaization with another kind of means.

83.Sad To Say, this Project Has Turned Out To Be Mostly Low- - Level Findings About Factual Errors And Spelling And Grammar Mistakes, combined With Lots Of Head- - Scratching Puzzlement About What In The World Those Readers Really Want.

[Referenced translation] tell regretfully, this investigation of news orgnaization reliability planned to achieve the discovery of a few very low administrative levels only as a result, the fact in press is for instance wrong, spelling or solecism (discover with these low administrative levels) the still has a lot of making that the person is tricky bewilderment that interweaves together, for example reader wants what to read after all.

84.I Believe That The Most Important Forces Behind The Massive M&M Wave Are The Same That Underlie The Globalization Process: Falling Transportation And Communication Costs, lower Trade And Investment Barriers And Enlarged Markets That Require Enlarged Operations Capable Of Meeting Customers' Demands.

[Referenced translation] I think the tremendous the mainest impetus that buys tide backside facilitates namely at the same time that cornerstone of globalization process: Reduce traffic to carry cost namely, drop off commerce invests camp, and extend the market substantially, these ask more extensive management in order to satisfy consumer demand.

85.A Lateral Move That Hurt My Pride And Blocked My Professional Progress Promoted Me To Abandon My Relatively High Profile Career Although, in The Manner Of A Disgraced Government Minister, I Covered My Exit By Claiming "I Wanted To Spend More Time With My Family. I Covered My Exit By Claiming "I Wanted To Spend More Time With My Family..
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