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It is difficult that English grows a structural analysis is classical 100 (5)
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41.The Most Thrilling Explanation Is, unfortunately, a Little Defective. Some Economists Argue That Powerful Structural Changes In The World Have Upended The Old Economic Models That Were Based Upon The Historical Link Between Growth And Inflation.

[Referenced translation] very unfortunate, this the most astonishing explanation has a bit drawback. A few economist think the strong change of world economy structure had ended the old economic pattern that that grows with economy and historical correlation of inflation is a foundation.

42.The Aswan Dam, for Example, stopped The Nile Flooding But Deprived Egypt Of The Fertile Silt That Floods Left-all In Return For A Giant Reservoir Of Disease Which Is Now So Full Of Silt That It Barely Generates Electricity.

[Referenced translation] for example, a Siwang large dams makes Nile no longer the flood is flush, but these change the fecund and silty —— that the flood that it also divested enjoy before Egypt leaves of the Song Dynasty is so the reservoir that the disease causes, this reservoir accumulating is full now silty, barely generated electricity.

43.New Ways Of Organizing The Workplace- - All That Re-engineering And Downsizing- - Are Only One Contribution To The Overall Productivity Of An Economy, which Is Driven By Many Other Factors Such As Joint Investment In Equipment And Machinery, new Technology, and Investment In Education And Training,

[Referenced translation] those the new method —— that the enterprise recombines is all redesigning, the practice —— of contractible dimensions is the integral productivity to an economy only made on one hand contribution. This kind of economy still gets the drive of a lot of other factors, combine equipment and mechanical the investment that go up, new technology for instance, and be being taught and groom the investment that go up.

44.His Colleague, michael Beer, says That Far Too Many Companies Have Applied Re-engineering In A Mechanistic Fashion, chopping Out Costs Without Giving Sufficient Thought To Long-term Profitability.

[Referenced translation] his colleague Michael Er Bill says · , too much company has used what a kind of mechanical means executes company interior to redesign, cost was cut below the ability that does not have mature long-term gain.

45.Defenders Of Science Have Also Voiced Their Concerns At Meetings Such As "The Flight From S.cience And Reason" , held In New York City In 1995, and "Science In The Age Of (Mis) Information, which Assembled Last June Near Buffalo.

[Referenced translation] scientific bodyguard people the attention that also stated them on the conference, the “ that held in Newyork city 1995 for instance escapes science and rational ” conference, and the “ that held around Bufaluo last year in June (mistake) the scientific ” conference of information age.
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